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Food on the Go


I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on some good food you can take with you on the go. I am a sophmore in highschool and it is hard to eat food during the day, besides lunch. I bring in protein bars sometimes but I am looking for more suggestions.


Buy a big bag of nuts (I like almonds and raw peanuts), keep them in your locker, and eat a handful after every class. It's a good way to get in some calories, protein, and healthy fats throughout the day.


Blender Bomb

2 cups chocolate milk
1 scoop whey protein
1 scoop casein protein
4 tbl spoons natty PB.
1/2 cup of instant oats.
1 banana
Honey to however sweet you want it.
Yogurt is always good to add too.

No, milk won't go bad if it's with you for 2 hours before being consumed.

I do it all the time. I wouldn't do it when it's ball sweatingly hot outside, but for right now you'll be alright.

Premade sandwiches are always good too.


Do you have a way of keeping food cool? Not necessarily access to a fridge, but perhaps an insulated lunch sack with an ice pack that you could stash in a locker?

Boiled eggs are good for you (peeling 'em in advance makes them easier to eat). I like chicken legs and thighs which are also easily packable and eaten . You'll want to also pack some napkins and probably some salt if you go that route.

One thing I've always had a bit of a problem w/ when packing lunch or snacks is veggies. It's easy enough if you have access to a microwave, but some things aren't quite as good cold. One thing that's been working well for me lately has been making my own coleslaw. I don't have a cuisinart, but you can buy chopped up cabbage and carrots in the produce section of the grocery store. Since I don't think most commercial mayos are really all that great, I make my own - that way I can use healthier oils and control the amount of sugar, but that's probably not really necessary for you. (It isn't really necessary for me either, but making mayo is actually sort of amusing). To make coleslaw dressing, you just add 2 TBs of vinegar, 1 TBs of celery seeds and sweetener to taste to a .5 C of mayo.

Also, sometimes my grocery has brocolli chopped up for coleslaw making purposes. And, as we all know, brocolli is the holy grail of veggies.

If you can put a little more effort into prep, you can also make individual sized quiches. That'll get you protein from the eggs plus whatever meat you put in and it's a pretty easy way of getting some veggies in as well. I'm lowcarbing, so I make them crustless, which works fine and means I don't have to mess w/ a crust, but you can get premade crusts, so that isn't a big deal either way. If the thought of quiche is a bit off-putting, think of it as a savory egg pie. Eggs are traditional strong man food, you know.

For me, the most important thing has always been planning ahead. I tend to do a fair amount of cooking on the weekends and then in the morning I can just shove some things into my bag and I'm set.



Beef jerky. Fruit. Vegetables.

Add those to what the others have said.


Tunafish mixed with unsweetened applesauce ...It's nasty, but the applesauce helps the tuna go down easier and it's healthy as shit


Thanks for all the responses


throw an apple in your jacket pocket...apples rule.


Cheese stix! (string cheese)

Motzarella, if i am not mistaken, has a lower fat content and higher protein content than most other types of cheese.

Granola Bars. I like the Nature's Valley Trail Mix Bars.

V8. Because I am too lazy to eat real tomatoes and assorted vegetables.


The bakery in the safeway by my house makes fresh power-bisquit thingies. Its basically whole grain muffin with fruit and nuts in it. Shaped like Boston Market's cornbread.

hrm.....cornbread? That is healthy isn't it?


A decent protein powder, olive oil, water, and something to mix it up in is about as handy as it gets. If you can stomach the olive oil it can be quite calorie intensive for something so convenient.

Take a few pieces of fruit with you as well and you're good to go.


I'm guessing there aren't a whole lot of Italians out there in sunny CA


Nuts and seeds are the easiest. Or cook some scrambled eggs or meat, maybe refrigerate first, but that will keep well enough for the duration of your school day. Canned tuna and jerkies will keep even longer. Good luck.


LOL. Do the people who work at the Olive Garden count?