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Food No Longer Necessary?


How close are we to actual food no longer being necessary? We can control the exact amount and exact type of protein we want with the various protein powders out there. Same idea when it comes to fats. With all of the various fish oils and EFA supplements out there we can dial it in exactly as we want. Carbs seem to be totally unnecessary during the day except for the peri-workout window which we can get through our scientifically designed workout formulas. Superfood gives us the phytonutrients and vitamins without any pesky carbs or calories. Throw in a fiber supplement and we are good to go.



Everything you mentioned is food in my book.

It's just processed in different ways.


Soylent Green.


Next time you're at the doctor just ask for a central line and some TPN with the calories and lipids adjusted to fit your needs!


Maybe anaconda is is the master supplement that contains everything we need... like a transdermal fish oil, Superfood, protein gel with some MAG-10 mixed in. Pretty soon we can seal off our esophagi. I would shower in that shit.


i for one enjoy eating.


I don't know about you, but I enjoy being regular and eating something my body was meant to ingest.


Nah. Ingestion is overrated.


Natural food is always best

Supplements are SUPPLEMENTS, to supplement your diet, not take over. In the words of Rico Connor, who knows more than you!


false. everyone knows juicers dont even eat because the roids do all the work for them


That sounds like fun.