Food Myth Debunked

thanks so much media for your stellar health advice

Fox News hits another home run…

I can’t believe I just read that. I feel like punching John Stossel in the jaw.

I didn’t realize it at first, but it’s several years old

do the grass fed cattle that roam outside in the sun have a higher vitamin d level than the grain fed ones indoors…and does this affect the quality of meat…hmm…

I’m not going to argue the nutritional aspects, but there was one thing in the article I thought was a tad offputting:

“There’s a perception out there that grass- fed animals are frolicking in the sunshine, kicking their heels up full of joy and pleasure. What we actually found was from the land-use basis, from the energy, from water, and, particularly, based on the carbon footprints, grass-fed is far worse than corn-fed.”

So…the logic here is that people believe grass-fed animals are happier but that’s not correct because they have a bigger carbon footprint? What the fuck do the cows care about their carbon footprint?

Personally I don’t care. I think the meat I eat probably comes from a slaughterhouse with more crusted blood flaking off the walls than a Mayan temple.

I’m pretty far from vegetarian but even I found that piece borderline-offensive.

For Stossel to base his argument on the “lower efficiency/productivity” criterion is oxymoronic: save the global environment yet also act as if that animal life isn’t a part of that same global environment.

[quote]DaBeard wrote:
I can’t believe I just read that. I feel like punching John Stossel in the jaw. [/quote]

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[quote]DaBeard wrote:
I can’t believe I just read that. I feel like punching John Stossel in the jaw. [/quote]


LOL, any chance that’s the same guy?

n/m it is LOL

Last night I was watching on PBS a film about the great dust bowel of the 1930s, where large portions of the great plains blew away due to farmers planting wheat and corn. There has been a few showings on this disaster of late for some reason. The History Channel had a Dust Bowel show too. Watching it reminded me of Lierre Keith’s book Vegetarian Myths. I thought she did a good job explaining benefits of grass fed animals on our health, and also for the land. Our modern agriculture methods, with large amounts of pesticides, herbicides being used, along with using up water sources in the ground to feed the plants, isn’t great for the land or the oceans with the dead zone now found at the opening of the Mississippi river, red tides, etc. I don’t know if grass fed will be big in the future either.

Maybe one of these days lab meat will become a reality. Artificial meat if done right could be good for ones health I’d imagine, and the environment too.

Dr. Eade’s had a review of Keith’s book.

“The Vegetarian Myth”

excerpt from her writing:

"…The truth is that agriculture is the most destructive thing humans have done to the planet, and more of the same won?t save us. The truth is that agriculture requires the wholesale destruction of entire ecosystems. The truth is also that life isn?t possible without death, that no matter what you eat, someone has to die to feed you.

I want a full accounting, an accounting that goes way beyond what?s dead on your plate. I?m asking about everything that died in the process, everything that was killed to get that food onto your plate. That?s the more radical question, and it?s the only question that will produce the truth. How many rivers were dammed and drained, how many prairies plowed and forests pulled down, how much topsoil turned to dust and blown into ghosts? I want to know about all the species?not just the individuals, but the entire species?the chinook, the bison, the grasshopper sparrows, the grey wolves. And I want more than just the number of dead and gone. I want them back…"

And an article I recall about the benefits of lab grown meats. They are being worked on. Imagine it will not be long till there is something available for sale.

“Mad Meat Making Scientist Proves Climate Doomsayers Wrong”

I’d bet fake meat would be worse than CAFO meat, the more man tries to mess with nature and its food the worse things are :wink:

I have found that grass fed just tastes better, and I have to listen to my blessed carnivorous instincts like that.

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[quote]DaBeard wrote:
I can’t believe I just read that. I feel like punching John Stossel in the jaw. [/quote]


LOL, any chance that’s the same guy?[/quote]

That just made my day, haha.