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food logs?

I was visiting another forum and saw that they had a section labeled “DIARY.”

Would’nt this be a superb idea for T-mag to have considering the respect, integrity, knowledge, and, best of all, heart to help others, make a diary section here just plain incredible. The minds could help us all and we would all sooner or later have the perfect diet everyday (except for those frequent burger visits). I know that Tampa-Terry did quite a bit for me when I was preparing for my last fight, it helped out tremendously to have someone check, correct, and inform on why or why not on certain things, certain times. I learned a great deal from it.

I think adding a DIARY section would create or help create order in everyone’s daily lives. No more will we have to question was this good or bad because someone on here will let us know. No more repeated mistakes due to lack of knowledge is basically where Im getting at.

What do you guys think?

Da Boxer

In total agreement.

sounds intriguing. I know I am always curious as to what everyone else is eating.

Awesome idea.

I’d LOVE to post what I eat everyday. It’d be the funniest thread ever. Mmmmmmm…Wendy’s

Given how long it took the damn forum itself to work properly, good luck on whole new diary functionality working properly within a year. :wink: