Food Logs/counting calories

With all the recent talk of keeping a food log,
I decided to give it a go.
As I calculated the number of grams of P/C/F
I ate yesterday and multiplied them out for total calories, that number came out to be about 200 calories LESS than what the labels
claimed for calories. That’s significant.
Which do you guys use for total calories?

Grams are a bigger unit of measure. If something has 10 calories but 2 grams of carbs, it’s just because the gram count is an estimation. Total calories are more accurate, grams are easier to count.

…plus (if i remember correctly) both the 4 and 9 cals/gram for p/c/f is rounded off. i think it is really a bit more for each of them. that could be part of it. also, if you eat any low-carb bars part of it could be the glycerin or sugar alcohol that they leave off of the labels. most low-carb bars when you add up the numbers are well short of the calorie total. there is usually a little note in fine print that states “glycerin is not a carbohydrate, but has the caloric value of 4.32 cals/gram”. i guess they get away with this little white-lie because technically glycerin is neither a fat nor a carb. it starts out as a fat molecule and then some scientists fuck with it in the lab and viola…glycerin. some bar companies are stright shooters about this and list it out-right, but not many. kevo