Food log??

Does anyone here have an example diet or food log for gaining LM/massive eating? I am just curious because I need ideas for stuffing 4500 calories in my pie-hole on a daily basis. Im currently doing OVO, and will be off ovo for high intensity for a couple of weeks, then back to ovo.

Im 186 lbs at about 13% bodyfat and have been lifing very regularly for the last 6 months, and off-n-on for over a year before that. I have gone down from about 17%bf at 194lbs and have gained alot of strength in that 6 month period. (i can actually see muscles now!! as little as they are) Im eating about 3400 calories, and having difficulty going up. With some good example logs I will be able to plan out a good daily food plan!

Thanks in advance.


Jason,do a search in the forum section, i know people have posted massive eating food logs…at 13% you may want to lean out a little bit more before bulking…just my 2 cents

Well, 13 percent is just a guess, lord knows 1 point caliper testing is not accurate…
If I can gain back to 195 lbs or so in a few months without gaining much fat, that would be cool. (i.e. 5 or 6 lbs of muscle) My progress seems very slow, but I am still making gains. I will do a search on the forums for some food logs… Thanks for the help!