Food Log?

Hey, I’ve seen a link to an online food log a couple of times but I can’t remember what it was, anyone can hook me up? Really need something to keep track of my protein intake.

Your probably referring to fitday.

free website. you can create foods no on there, but they have a crap-load already registered.

[quote]ACTrain wrote:
Your probably referring to fitday.[/quote]

wow …did we post this simultaneously? lol

Thanks alot guys! beats fitday hands down…give it a shot

i like to use excel and make my own.

but i’m a dork and like math.

I second the Daily Plate. I was a FitDay user (and Excel before that, too much work for me though). Daily Plate is better than FitDay because you can get more specific with brands and enter your own label info. Its highly addictive.