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Food Log Question

Just a quick survey of what you guys you as your food log. I use a legal pad, make columns and such. I would like to find out if anyone knows of a premade log, one I could purchase. I can be a little obsessive compulsive about my log being neat, so I figure a premade one would be great for that. Thanks…


I use a spreadsheet and enter in the values of my common meals and save it as a template. All I have to do is enter in daily quantities and it does all the calculations. Then just save it, print it, etc.

I use a program called Balancelog. It has a lot of values in it, so no need to go looking everything up. The program does sync with a palm if you have one. There is a GREAT program for all you pocket pc users out there, but for the life of me i can’t remember the name. The company had the word DREAMS in it. The only problem with that program, was the inability to sync with a desktop version.


Great site.

Why do you guys use a food log anyway? I mentally count my calories and grams of protein in my head at each meal. I used to keep a food log in grades 9 and 8, but then I realized I wasn’t using it for anything except to keep track of calories. I’ve looked at the nutrition labels of so many products so many times that I generally know the calorie content of everything that I eat now.

The USDA nutrient data base is a good site for looking up nutrition contents though.

I use the program called Crosstrainer. It has more then just the calories of each product and it allows you to add your own, such as Grow! and Surge. If anyone wants to know the site, let me know.

I’m with bv0id, fitday.com

I’m going to try installing a PPC app called MySportTraining. It has a plug-in for a food log. Has anyone taken MySportTraining out for a spin yet?

I wish they would make some enhancements to their site though.

A decent print feature is needed.