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Food Log (Need Feedback)

Hey guys I’ve been a reader here for years and as part of a college project had to create a nutrition analysis system.
Im still developing some of the features of it and am just looking for feed back on the usability or on some features you would like to see.At the moment im just focusing on the calculation of nutrient values.Just have a look if you have some time or are interested in helping out with some ideas of your own.It’s pretty basic at the moment but have a look anyway.


If you have any comments let me know.
The long term project would allow users to sign up and store their info on line on a daily basis and compare againts rda’s etc.
Just to let you know this is a noncommercial project.

Well, I tried to add a banana and most of the results that came back were Babyfood - Banana was at the bottom half of the results??

Anyways, have you looked at fitday.com or crosstrainer.ca??

Is this affiliated with John Berardi?


Thanks man had look at some of those sites the fit day one is particularly good .The problem with the database is that I wanted to display as many foods with banana’s in it and unfortunately there’s loads of babay food things there. Im working on creating a display that ranks items in a more meaningful manner.
No it’s not affiliated with John Berardi i just took the image from his page just to enhance the layout.Although I should probably credit that on the site.
Thanks for the feedback.I’ll work on that