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food log & middle of the night eating


Question for Chris Shugart; I don't regularly plan getting up in the middle of the night and downing a protein drink, but occasionally I do get up and do so. However, I'm confused as to whether to put it in the food log or not, and if so whether to put it as part of yesterday or today's calorie consumption. So I want to know what YOU do in this situation. I apologize if I'm obsessing with minutia. Thanks.


After 12 AM it is considered to be a new day, so you can probably do the math.


Good question. I haven't used the middle-of-the-night protein shake trick for a few years and when I did I wasn't keeping a food log. I think the solution for you would be to keep an eye not only on daily calorie intake, but on weekly intake. That way it really wouldn't matter how you record the shakes as long as you were hitting your weekly goals.

Or you could just pick a day and use that consistently. So the Monday at 3AM shake would always be recorded on Monday's log. Doesn't matter really, just be consistent on how you do it.

Definitely count it though.

BTW, I think a good meal/shake before bed and another when you get up are probably just as good as eating in the middle of the night, and certainly less hassle. I suggest a low carb protein powder like Grow!, cottage cheese and a good fat source (fish caps, natural peanut butter, flax etc). Blend it thick and eat it with a spoon. That should stick with you through most of the night.