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Food Journal = Good

I’m still new here. 5’4 and ~143lbs. Someone mentioned using the food journal at www.fitday.com. Finding out I was only eating 1500 calories a day made it was easy to see why I’ve always been small (usually around 130lbs).

So in 2 months of training and even less time since actually eating right, I’ve gained 13 pounds and grown to what looks to be a much more natural size. Food journals are definitely worth it. Now I feel guilty if I’m not eating since I’m only cheating the effort put in at the gym.

Lots of good advice especially with the massive eating articles.

Thanks T-Nation.

Good for you and good job! Nice to see a reformed skinny guy.

nice work keep it up


Finally, a convert. I’m glad I don’t have to go back over why the “I eat a lot of food” isn’t anywhere close to what you need to take in thing again. Keep it up.

Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve found that I’d rather hit my calorie marks or go over. I’m really not that concerned any more with eating too cleanly. It’s still 70% clean but I’ve seen first hand how easy it is to lose fat.

I’ve been training with my father and he loses the fat like he’s taking off a jacket. Putting on weight (and muscle) is a lot harder. I’m tired of being small and until I reach a point in the mirror that says it’s time to do something, it’s all about getting bigger.

I think it’s been around two weeks since I wrote in.

At first I began to think I was bulking too quickly and getting too much fat. I believe now that I had upped the calories too quickly since I was eager to get started. However I stuck with it.

Now I’m beginning to notice definite changes in the shape of my body. The V shape is showing up and takes off the ‘fat’ look of love handles. My arms are getting bigger which is fun to see. And in the gym all the numbers are moving upwards as well.

It’s becoming fun, even if the fun consists of a lot of hard work. Basically, I’m just glad to have started. Beginning was the hardest part and I hope anyone thinking of changing themselves goes for it.

I looked at the mens health forum because there weren’t that many new posts here in the forums.

That stuff is nonsense. All they talk about is their abs. The more I read the more I wanted to get bigger and abs be damned. I’ve noticed the more I hang out here the more I want to have the physique of the more experienced lifters.

All this time I thought the MH stuff was just a joke…

“Result? I?m 5?9?, 150 lbs, 32? waist, 43? chest, 15 ?? arms. I?ve got the big, blocky asymmetrical-type abs and they show.”

Now I can’t wait to eat, to go lift some heavy shit at the gym tomorrow, and eat some more!