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Food Intolerances? (Seeking People with Insight)


Out of curiosity, has anyone ever experienced having a particular food intolerance become more pronounced over a medium to longer term dietary restriction?

What I am getting at is I have developed an greater intolerance to certain carbohydrate foods particularly those high in gluten, yeast and/or glucose. Over the years I've always become a bit bloated eating plenty of carbs - gut churned bad also and I suffered from a hell of a lot of vile gas, so decided to play around with my diet in 2010 to find an optimal ratio of carbs, proteins, fats.

I found that, keeping carbs below 200g per day all from high fibre low sugar sources and subsequently my issues went away. As of recent though, these problems have become more pronounced and have even worsened. I've seen my GP and got the blood test done (the results I should be getting today). To give an example (I'll be more detailed here so I apologize):

4x crumpets w/ olive oil spread - little gut churning, no bloating, some gas, minor bleeding when passing a stool

1x crumpet w/ 2 teaspoons honey - a lot of gut churning, some bloating but a lot of gas, 2-4 hours later on the toilet with bleeding in mucus and no stool


I developed celiac disease after years of bulking with white pasta on a daily basis, but I think that would be more set off by genetics than prolonged eating of gluten. The symptoms were similar to yours, except with painful digestion on a daily basis. Once I went strictly gluten free, all the symptoms went away, massive difference in energy levels too.


My fiance is "gluten intolerant" (never actually been tested for celiac) and she eats gluten free. I also eat gluten free 90% of the time because of that.

Its really not hard. Try it out and see how you feel.


You're obviously not English enough to eat crumpets you bleedin colonial


My wife is also gluten intolerant, we have changed alot of things in our diet which is actually pretty good as just about all the traditional types of processed (and high in fat) foods contain gluten. Gluten free pasta is not too bad, glueten free bread tastes ok but is brittle and crimbles very easily which is fucking annoying. Be careful in what you buy as things are advertised as wheat free but still contain gluten. if it says gluten free you'll be fine. also check out anything that has thickeners in it you can be sure 95% of the time the thickener is a gluten product. most shops should have a gluten/wherat free section these days but check out the labels, some companys try to pull the wool over your eyes by jacking up the price on a product that was gluten free to beguin with, such as corn tortillas, rice noodles ect

Gluten if eaten in large amount restricts the bodys vitamin D absorbtion, i have switched to a 80% gluten free diet and have found that it digests eaisier and does not feel as heavy in my gut like traditional wheat/gluten products.

hope this helps


I developed gluten intolerance and confirmed Celiac's at 27. I didn't train back then, so combine training and eating gluten free my body composition is significantly better after 2.5 years.


Does nobody care that this guy is bleeding from the asshole? Go see a doctor, dude. When blood is coming out of places it shouldn't, it's time to consult a professional. You may have significant gastrointestinal issues.


Thanks for all the responses guys.

I've just purchased gluten/wheat/yeast free bread, getting used to the texture and taste but it seems to work. Have had a good 6 slices this morning with no symptoms flaring up. Got my blood test results back too yesterday which returned negative to Celiac disease. Going in for a colonoscopy in a week and a bit too to ensure there isn't anything sinister in my bowels.

I have cleaned up my nutrition this week and feeling great without the gluten products.

Just seems strange to me that high glucose and gluten products would cause me to pass blood with my stool. Guess I'll be finding the answer to that one soon.


Seriously. If you are bleeding from the asshole it's time to go see a doctor.


No wheat bread sucks a fat one unless you toast it! mine's made from rice.

My lactose intolerance is much much worse (from a 1 or 2 out of 10 to a 4 or 5) when I eat a milk shake. All the extra sugar does something crazy and I get immediate (light) stomach churning.

Also, my gluten intollerance is much much worse when I eat like crap (no surprise!). Pizza and especially beer send me crying. I thought about going to the hospital the day after I last binged on beer and bread products.


The ironic thing is, pizza doesn't effect me at all really. I was told by a friend last night that he had the same issues of sudden intolerance and bleeding, however it turned out they were stress-related ulcers.


Went in for the colonoscopy today. Turns out I have irritable bowel disease, in other words minor ulcerations (proctitis) in my colon which has caused the bleeding. However I also have a carbohydrate intolerance which is where the mucus is coming from.

The CHO intolerance I've had from a young age, with it just being more pronounced now due to my dietary changes through 2010. The ulcers were caused from a combo of physical stress (caffeine and alcohol consumption) and the emotional stress I've suffered the past 4 months.

Plan of attack is to lay off the alcohol and reduce my horrendous daily caffeine habit. I've also been prescribed corticoid steroids to help ease the condition. CHO I need to consume sparingly and in smaller meals, which should ease the intolerance.

Lesson to all you cats out there downing booze and massive amounts of caffeine who may have IBD!


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FYI, if symptoms persist... make sure you aren't having any micellar casein in your protein shakes. It took me a long fucking time to figure out that I was gluten AND casein intolerant, and after years of indigestion and bubblegut I can finally sit at work without my stomach announcing itself every 5 minutes.

And I totally agree with BBB... I didn't notice it till I was working out more, reading this site and also sharing an office with an attractive woman. That'll make you notice odd bodily noises sooner than later.


That's a good point. I definitely am a lot more aware of minor changes.

As for supplements, I don't use anything outside of a multi, fish oil and psyllium husk.

I did notice protein powders with the casein did have some minor affects on my mild lactose intolerance however.


Last year, I bulked with a diet that was very heavy on the Oatmeal+PB combo. I had been eating a LOT of oatmeal over my years running, but the bulk pushed it over the edge, I guess. I'm now basically allergic to the stuff (bloating and, more saliently, god awful gas).

It was a blessing in disguise, as I've gone pretty much keto/low carb at this point and am enjoying it.


My 2 cents:

If you think you have a food intolerance, just get a blood test. I thought I was intolerant to gluten and I cut all bread and replaced it with nuts. Turns out I am actually allergic to nuts instead of gluten. That was a bad week


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