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Food Intolerances/Allergies


I frequntly get mouth sores after eating certain foods. For example, 3 days ago I ate pizza and ended up having a section of the skin on my gums peel off leaving a painful, red sore. I think the acidity of the tomato sauce did it, but it's happened before with other foods. i get the sores on the roof of my mouth or my gums.

Certain foods also seem to make me very congested with thick mucus, especially foods that are high in sugar/ refined carbs. Has anyone experienced this and if so any remedies except keeping a food log and eliminating foods that cause these reactions?


Is it possible the pizza was still hot and burnt your mouth?


Find out if it's wheat/gluten. I know a woman whose mouth breaks out in sores if she eats traces of wheat products.




Yes, I've thought of that too. Pizza dough has upset my stomach before too, so it's a good possibility it is also having some systemic effect.


Cooked pizza, not the raw dough that is...