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Food Intolerance

Hello my fellow manimals, and t-vixens. I come to you today with a bit of a perplexing issue. A client That I am training to compete in next years jr. states bodybuilding comp. has just been diagnosed with a food intolerance for all milk products (no not lactose intolerance, cause that would be an easy one to fix) He absolutely can not tolerate whey protein at all, nada, zip, zilch!!! He literally is in tears when he tries. I need to find a way to get him the protein he needs barring all dairy. Any ideas? obviously I can work around the whole food dehlimma by feeding him egg whites, beef, and chicken, but his post workout need for quickly absorbed protein has become the problem (currently I have him downing truckloads of branch-chains and glutamine to ward off catabolism.

You are definitely on the right track with the glutamine and the BCAAs. I would however take it a step further. Use the products designed by Dr. Eric Serrano; Glutacene and Nitromine. The glutacene is for pre and post workout, while the Nitromine capsules are taken post-workout. Nitromine is a scientifically derived free form amino acid matrix, the optimal ratios of which took him several years to determine. People are getting some GOOD results from this stuff. Go to gen-mag.com for further information and I suggest you at least have him give it an honest try.

Just keeping the post in plain view…

certainly someone on the t-mag staff would know

I’ve been interested in those products myself.
But they are a little pricey,have you any personal experience with them?