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Food Intolerance

Hey all,
I take it a few of you have had a food allergy/intolerance test done before. If so would like some feedback on where and how much it cost you. I should probably tell you that I live in the UK just in case you recommend somewhere in L.A. or Canada. However all feedback is much appreciated.




I don’t know if this will help but I read an interview with Sheri Dixon in the CHEK Report (Issue 6) where she talks about metabolic typing and other nutritional topics. You might can contact her for information about food intolerances. She is located in Cheshire, Great Britain.

website: www.metabolictyping.co.uk

Hope this helps

Cheers pwrhouse.

There’s an article on here or on John Berardi’s site that describes how he deals with intolerance with his athletes before seeking medical advice. If you can’t find it I know that it is included in his book Gourmet Nutrition. You could also just email him and ask him the name of the article.