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Food Intolerance Tests

Does anybody have any knowledge about food intolerance tests i.e ALCAT, and if they are worthwhile.
I ask as my mother is suffering from arthritus which seems to come and go, which leads me to believe it could be food related, and wonder whether she should be tested. Also wondering whether it would improve my health, even though im not suffering with any ailments, but as i am eating food for the rest of my life 6x daily then maybe it would be a good idea. what do you think??? Anybody had one done??

Stevemax Living Strong

I’ve had one done (Alcat) and it has helped me quite a bit. In the case of your mother it would likely help her a great deal as most cases of rheumatoid arthritis can be greatly impacted by food choices and intolerances. In your case, if you’re reasonably healthy to begin with, you might not notice any drastic changes in your health by avoiding intolerant foods but you will know which foods are more likely to cause you problems if you overconsume them and which foods are more than likely to agree with your body.