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Food Intake and Muscle Growth


Two weeks ago I went to a wedding, I ate some good food. We got home at 9pm and went to bed around 10. I woke up at 6 am and I had horrible indigestion. I woke up again at 630 and rushed to the bathroom where I spent the better part of a sunday on the toilet, while puking into a bucket. thats the backstory.

I thought it was strange that even though I had eaten around 8pm the night before that I still had enough food in my stomach to last me through several rounds of vommitting. With all of the time on my hands sitting on the john, clutching my puke bucket I started thinking about something: Why is it that as weightlifters, we are told that if we want to build muscle as quickly as possible we need to eat every two hours and drink protein shakes etc.?

I mean, it had been several hours since my last meal and ALL of my last meal was in the bucket before me. Obviously it had not been digested fully so I still had unused nutrients and protein in my system.

Sorry about the nasty retelling of an unfortunate Sunday, but what do you guys think, is the constant eating and protein shake ingestion really necessary? Is it possible that the pre and post workout supplement suggestions are propoganda from the health and fitness companies, who love our $50-$60 purhcases of 5lb buckets of whey?

Do we really need to eat THAT much to see quality gains in muscle development? please sound off, but stay away from the shrimp at your next wedding.


Sorry about your wedding experience bud, i've never really sat back and thought about it but it brings up a good point


Your digestive system is very complex yet you seem to be unaware that it takes HOURS for food to be digested completely or the fact the rate of this is based on many variables from your body size and your metabolism to your eating practices the entire week, month, year.

Your symptoms sound like minor food poisoning where the body tries to expel the bacteria and tainted food from your system.

You puking for a day after you eat does not mean you need to eat less. You are also not just shitting out what you just ate 2 hours previous every time you take a shit. It may take longer for some food substances to digest completely.

As far as eating every few hours, this is NOT and never has been a NECESSITY for all people. If you weigh 150lbs, you would not need as much food and unless dieting and trying top speed metabolism, eating every two hours is not a necessity. It IS a necessity for the 280lbs bodybuilder who is trying to reach 290lbs because it is very unlikely that they could eat enough protein and calories in only 3 meals a day.

Also, if that 150lbs guy is trying to eventually be the 280lbs bodybuilder, he had better get used to shoveling food down his throat every few hours because that is HOW you get that big.

You having diarrhea for a day does not mean protein supplements aren't needed by all people.

Buy a biology book and quit getting info from only one source.

You could have learned this on your own...but you didn't.


There was only food in there because you were sick. what does not digest has to get out somehow.


James henderson the real raw bench pressing record holder who was huge only ate twice a day to slow down his metabolism and get huge. I imagine those meals were huge but nonetheless don't argue with results.


Nothing beats the periworkout approach recommended by CT, period.