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FOOD INC. - Anyone See It?

I saw this film, very informative. Anyone else see it?

so you like it in the can, huh?

good movie

yeah, it makes you think.

Great movie, we need more informative documentaries like these. I still eat Tyson chicken everyday but it is good to know how the food industry has changed, how big corps are manipulating smaller farmers, and why everything has HFCS in it.

this need to be posted every other week… so we wont forget

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
so you like it in the can, huh?

uh, yes.

Yeah it’s good and very surprising at times.

people are like the cattle they eat.

scary movie, You never think when you eat a burger it could be from 4 different cows. There was also a doc out there called “King Corn” which was showing how almost everything we eat is corn.