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Food in the West Half of America


I was thinking about the Subway thread and I mentioned to my friend St.George (we both come from the Mid-west and go to school in Flagstaff) that you cannot find good food on the west half (not including Mid-west) of America, and if you do happen to find a place that makes good food, it cost an arm and a leg.

Everything from Poor Boys to BBQ to breakfast the east half of America can get down in the kitchen. However, it doesn't seem the west has the balls for it. Is this just an anomaly that I've seen in Arizona and California or is it really just that the west sucks at cooking?

Disclaimer: There are still a few cheap authentic Mexican joints that make good food.


Glad you corrected yourself at the end there. TONS Of great cheap Mexican places. You get to a city and you can add great Korean, Chinese, Hawaiian Barbecue, Vietnamese & Indian to that list.

In my college town home town there are tons of good cheap places to get sandwiches & pizza. Not sure exactly what type of deficiency you're talking about.


Maybe I am talking out my ass, but unless you wanna fork over a good chunk of money you can't get decent food in Phoenix or Flagstaff (there is a chicken and waffles joint opening up in Flagstaff so I have hope for it), you have to scavenge for it.

Like you can't get good pizza, pasta, bbq, sandwiches, or really anything for a decent price. I understand you can find it...just not for what you can get it in east.


well you could be right about that - never been to Arizona myself. Lots of good cheap food in Cali. Lots of fucking expensive food too.


Maybe what I call the immigrant factor.


Texas has some good food, and it's not just Mexican (though, you have to weed through a bunch of shitty Tex-Mex places to find it). Cafes, Pizza Joints, Burgers, etc.


Houston is world renowned for it's unbelieveably awesome food. We do it and we do it right.


The 1st step in finding good food (anywhere) is to never eat at chain restaurants. There are a few very rare exceptions to this rule, Anthony's Seafood in Washington is one.


Also for being the fattest city in the world. Any virtue without moderation is a vice. lrn2socrates.


Lots of pseudo-Asian places in SD. Though there are some places I will stand by. If you're in North County or the Clairemont Mesa area, look up TeriCafe. Authentic-ish, large portions, and very affordable.


From my experience, it actually is impossible to find good food in Flagstaff. The last time I visited the only decent meal I had was the one I made for myself from Safeway ingredients (though upon further reflection Honeycrisp apples are the shit). The only meal I have ever returned in a restaurant in my entire life was in Flag.

Phoenix is almost as bad, but the immigrant culture keeps things rolling. And given that the west coast of the United States has some of the best Asian cuisine on the planet, I think you need to search a little bit harder.


I hate Provo for this one reason. We have a decent churrascaria, a bunch of "unique" burger joints. No oriental food, no great pizza, no really cool secret locals only type of places. It sucks. But, that's the price of living around a bunch of beautiful blonde clones... I cook most of my food anyway, so it's no biggie.


I would agree Flagstaff has the worst options for good food than anywhere I have ever been. I have lived here for almost 8 years and unless you are willing to shell out some money the food options are pretty terrible.