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Food Ideas


I got sick from eating the same thing every day. I just don't know what else I can eat that have the same benifit.

My snacks are mostly a banana and a milk same that I dont know what else that are good. I heard some people eat beans for snacks. in the morning I eat 4 white eggs, corn flakes that has 16 protien and a milk that has 21 protien this is it for breakfast every day.

Im ok with the milk but I really don't know what to eat rather than the eggs I sord of got sick from eating them for 4 mounths. A after two or one hou I eat a banana and a milk as a snack.

For lunch I have white rise and meat chicken or fish wich is cool with me. Milk and banana again for snack after two or three hou, then protien before and after workout then my last meals that I dont know what to eat for I used to eat tuna with potatos or chicken breast, sometime junk food (rearly).

I just don't know what eat other than tuna and white eggs. I started to eat two yolk wich I din't see any problem with it.

Any ideas of simple good meals specialy for breakfast and dinner and by the way Im bulking up so Im not sticking with any diet I just dont eat any thing that include suger, like chocolate. Any ideasssssssssssssssssss
by the way im 81 kgl and 172 high


Are you seriously out of ideas on what to eat?

Try a wholemeal muffin with honey on it, and put cottage cheese on top of that. Or instead of honey, put a few slices of peaches on it (use tinned peaches if you must). Makes a good quick to make breakfast or snack.

Get a mix of nuts and seeds and sultanas etc.. and nibble on that. Seeds etc.. are very good for you.

Another good meal for carbs is, chop bacon into little bits and fry. Add capsicum chopped up, and tomato. And chile and garlic if desired. Boil some pasta. Wholah! nice meal, the capsicum is good for you. Use mince or chicken strips instead of bacon if desired.

For tuna, you can fry it up in a pan, add tomato, and basil (get a real basil from the fruit market, strip the leaves off). And also, put some olives in there. Add rice and you have a very quick and nice meal.


do u mean muffin cake. I hade one but it has about 10 to 15 fat, 3 protien and 10 suger


If your serious with this question, you really need to take a walk through the local grocery store.

First, you say you are trying to bulk? Drop the egg whites and eat some whole eggs. The fat's good for you, and the cholesterol issue is nill unless you already have a problem. Get some oats, make oatmeal, make oat cakes, hell, eat the oats raw, LOL. Cottage cheese is a fantastic source of protein and easy to carry around. Same for yogurt, nuts, fruit, tuna, well, hell, just about anything. (Yeah, I bring a cooler to work with me to keep me going through the day).

I also like to mix things up with the meat. I get bored with chicken breast. Buy some turkey, breasts are cheap, just as good a protein source as chicken, and leaner. Also cheaper, hell, I LOVE turkey, and it's not just for thanksgiving anyomore!!!!

I also keep a few whole wheat\grain bagels around just to fill me up, peanut butter, home made protein bars, whey shakes, the list just goes on and on. Finding stuff to eat should never be a problem. I'm a former fat ass and well, I love to eat. I think that's why I enjoy lifting so much. I can eat, and eat, and eat, cleanly, but still eat, and yeah, I enjoy the hell out of it, LOL.

Oh, and for dinner, never, ever, ever leave out beef! Ground hamburger, the 95% lean stuff is GREAT. Far cheaper than steak, and well, pretty much just as good. Of course there is steak too, any cut will do, roasts etc. etc. Pork is another great option. Pork chops, ham, cutlets, jeez, I'm getting hungry....that's hit, I'm heading out to the local steak house NOW for breakfast!


He means a whole wheat muffin.


Is ok to eat stuff that include suger. Iv'e ben told that any thing that has suger stay away from it because it makes your skin (I don't know how to explain it) sorry lol I have it in my legs it's the biggest part in my boddy fuled with water . Any thing natural that has sugar is fine but if a meal that has ben included suger to it, then its bad that what Iv'e ben told I don't why I always consentrait on protien alwaaaaaaaaaaays have to. I found some cakes, muffin cakes an stuff but their like 10 fat and 3 protien.

And thankzzz






Youre bulking?

My daily breakfast is 24oz whole milk, 3 scoops Classic Grow!, 3/4 cup raw oats, and a bannana.

Thats a fuck load of calories for breakfast if you'd ask me. It comes out to about 1100 calories. Pus, its really quick and really easy.


yeah a muffin, some people call it a crumpet or something, it is kind of like thick bread