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Food Guide Pyramid


I am NOT stirring conversation up in being a rabble rouser as I have been accused of before.

Aside from the trendy "evilz of teh dairee and grainz" topic, I'd like some people to possibly provide criticism of this diagram.


Uhm... more meat and veggies?
Am I right? Do I win something?


Actually I believe the canadian food guide is a bit better, as they swapped the grains with fruits and veges, putting fruits and veges at the base and grains second (sorry americans :stuck_out_tongue: ).

But aside from that, I cannot see anything wrong with it. Its emphasizing whole foods, not shitty foods. I do find it funny that critics say that obesity increased with the release of the food guide, yet our population is eating nothing like the food guide recommends.


I think it's a poorly constructed diagram. A pie chart would illustrate the point more clearly. But regarding the content: I don't eat fruits or milk on a regular basis, much less make them a significant part of my diet.


The geometry is all wrong. Oh, and the meat part is ridiculously small


The meats and grains portions should be reversed, slightly increase oils, and delete dairy.


The staircase should be located on the meat side. Everyone knows the grain side is a slippery slope :stuck_out_tongue:


But seriously not enough fat content and no mention of nuts.


For who?


Why? And for who?

I wrote in my original post that my thread has absolutely nothing to do with "dairy is teh evil".


For who?

Nuts contain oil (fat).


That actually represents a fair amount of veggie intake.

Why more meat?


For who?

And why?


Actually, my original post should have addressed my confusion as to how the Food Guide Pyramid's recommendations are making our society sick and obese. Again, I don't care to discuss with Paleo afficionados. I have no control of what Paleo people will write in this thread, but again, care not to discuss the "GRAINZ AND DAIREE ARE TEH EVILZ" topic.


Paleo thoughts aside, why would milk consumption be higher than meat or fruits and almost equal to veggies? Also, why were nuts, seeds, and healthy fats left off this wacky thing?


For people who fall into the general population description... less carbs more fat since these people aren't on the active side. Yes, I understand nuts contain oil, but it should be relabelled Nuts & Oil, since nuts are a great source for healthy fat.


Why do you even post any more Brick? It's like you throw something out there just to tell people how wrong they are. Go on a heavy dairy and grain diet and let us know how great you feel.

There's a reason why people have stopped or cut back on eating grains. They feel better without them. I agree that if you're really trying to add size without gaining a ton of fat then grains pretty much have to be used. They pack a lot of calories and slower carbs. However, most would rather look and feel great and not have a gut full of shit all the time.

Don't knock it til ya try it.


It says oils, and nuts and seeds contain oils.


Where in this thread did I say you or anyone else is wrong?

I want to know how the recommendations are making people sick and diseased, even if they're not stellar.


This diet won't make 95% of the population obese. It just isn't optimal.

People are fat because of the regular choosing of non-whole foods. Just sit outside a Tim Horton's (Canadian chain) or Dunkin Donuts, see how many people come in the morning to have breakfast. Crazy traffic!