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Food = Good

So I’ve really been stuffing the food down my gullet as of late.

Day in, day out (during business days anyway - which is when I lift) I’ve been eating:

2 Eggs
Oatmeal + Milk

Oz Nuts

Green Veges
2 tins of sardines

Oz Nuts

Workout (Weights or Aikido on alternate days).

PB Biscuit (50g of peanut butter + some shaved coconut baked into a ‘cookie’.)
Half dozen dried figs

Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Carrots, Spinch
Chicken or Beef


(Tea or water throughout the day)

Not being too accurate but that’s about 3200 Calories for a 155 pound guy.

I’m feeling stronger than ever.

Banged out 2 solid reps at my previous PB for squats last Monday (100kg). Wanting 3 reps next week!

My DB bench is now at 80lb for 2 reps

I’m up a kilo or two from last time I checked to about 71kgs or 155lbs (I’m not really keeping count).

Just wanted to share that eating consistently is the key.

You mean you got two reps on your previous pR, right?

I’m trying to figure out what a PB is.

And good work.

He was thinking about Peanut Butter, which I do a lot. That’s why he put PB instead of PB.

PB might = Personal best?

Ha! I meant Personal Best. Same Difference as Personal Record.

But I do tend to think about peanut butter a lot as well.

Good work, but you’re breakfast could be bigger. 6 eggs minimum, cmon you can do it!

Agreed, eat a bigger breakfast. Try 4 eggs and if you really wanna go for it try 6. But w/ oatmeal it can become difficult. Keep it up

Yep, eating big does the trick every time…i’m in my first mass-building stage right now (started August) and the gains have been piling on, I love it.

I was worried about the fat gain of course to start, but everyone is right when they say it’s better to just forget about that for a while, it tends to take care of itself and it’s hard to put on a ton of fat unless you REALLY fuck up.

carbs+protein in each meal is the way to go… stay away from unatural sugars though.

I think your meal plan is great to improve your strength and increase your mass. Keep a record of your weight and measurments and look back at it two months from now. Its good seeing changes in ones body.