Food forThought

Have not posted here in a long while (Work and Laziness) but I have a great Salad recipe for everyone.
Here is what you will need.
Non fat cottage cheese.
Romaine lettuce
2% milk fat cheese (I like the cheddar)
Raw sunflower seeds
Carb solutions salad dressing. (0 carbs)

Chop up the romaine, toss half of the cottage cheese over the lettuce, sprinkle a little cheese over it, add your 0 carb dressing, and then sprinkle the sunflower seeds over the top.

Now the cottage cheese will compliment the flavor of what ever flavor dressing you select. (I like the French flavor) The sunflower seeds give the salad a better texture while chewing it, (Plain lettuce is just boring!) And the cheese gives you that extra flavor.

Now you can use any raw nuts, I just happen to love sunflower seeds.
You can also experiment with the different cheeses to give your salad a Gourmet kick like Feta cheese, Blue cheese, Munster, or even goat cheese.

If you?re on the T- Dawg 2.0 check out this salad. Its fits the diet plan and it tastes like you?re getting away with something you shouldn?t be.

Yum! (grin)

Okay, since it’s a recipe thread, I’ve got one I guess. Just decided to get serious again and threw this together for the week (daily recipe follows):

  • half bag raw spinach
  • several baby carrots sliced
  • 250g chicken breast; cooked in coconut oil and tex-mex spiced. chop or rip into bite size chunks.
  • diced onion
  • roasted almonds
  • roasted red pepper and garlic dressing

Cook up all the chicken, divide into enough portions for the week. Each night clean and rinse half a bag of spinach and mix all ingredients other than chicken and dressing. Cover and refrigerate.

Before leaving for work throw the chicken and dressing on top of the veggies in a bowl. Later, mix and eat (which I’m doing as I type this… I hate veggies, but hey, this was good… and very low carb).