Food For Thought: Why AAS Increase Appetite

From Alex Kikels Instagram. I never considered this but it seems to make a lot of sense.

I wanna know how test can increase metabolism

By increasing your lean body mass

But increase in LBM takes time… how would it increase it before you’ve been on long enough to add more lean tissue?

How are you defining metabolism in the context of your question?

Needing to consume more calories to maintain the same weight with no external changes (exercise, lifestyle, etc…).

I’ve never noticed testosterone to cause an immediate need for more calories, but going back to the original post even testosterone will increase RBC

It induces protein synthesis and cell proliferation basically from the point you take the shot. Cell proliferation, growth, protein synthesis, these are extremely energy dependent processes. Could be why.

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Interesting. Prior to blast it was very easy to manipulate my body weight, up down or just staying the same was super easy. Started blast, can’t gain weight. I’ve slowly started to gain but now I’m just eating like an idiot. If I was eating like this prior to blast I’d be up 20 pounds