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Food For Thought: Sources & Nutritional Value


Post here if you have an interesting food, or, valuable food you believe:

I'm open to anything you believe helpful nutrition wise.

It's mainly because Im trying to clean out my diet, and, get rid of whole grain bread and possibly other things.

PLEASE, post even the common sense things, some people may not be aware (including myself).

Please state the food under these basic guidelines:

1) Name of food (eg: Eggs)
2) Source of (eg: Protein)
3) Additional information (eg: Has a lot of cholesterol you gotta eat your flax son)

Epic win thread ^^


Here's a fun one

1) Celery
2) Androstenone production, fiber, whiter teeth, fresh breath, and thermal effect of food
3) Dont skip it when you're eating appetizers! Try it with Peanut Butter in place of bread for a snack.


This encourages me to have celery

With it being tasty if PB is added :smiley:

(see how this thread is epic win?) A fun learning process!!!

I hope this is stickied :slight_smile:


1) Cherry Juice
2) High in fiber, protein, and simple sugars
3) Great addition to a protein shake pre or post workout, adds flavor and carbs (on top of protein and fiber) so your body can use that protein to slather on some muscle


Cherry juice has protein?!


Yesssir, 2gs in 240mls, fiber also, not to mention all the antioxidants. Use it and thrive.


i already favorited this as I can only hope it'll be a great thread.

1) Beans
2) Fiber/low glycemic carbs/protein
3) Everyone needs more fiber!


Yea, going to be able to build a secret arsenal with all these good tips.


I hope so, I spent a good 5 seconds thinking up this thread


1) Coconut Milk Ice Cream
2) MCT's, fiber, immunity support, satisfying your dessert craving
3) I'm addicted to ice cream... I tried this recently in place of the traditional dairy treat and it tastes just as good if not better and has more nutritional value. It's a bit pricey however.


Ahh, how much does it cost typically???


I think it was like 4.50 for a pint...


1) Cocoa powder - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_cocoa#Benefits
2) Jammed with antioxidants, low carb, low fat.
3) Great added to shakes/cottage cheese with cinnamon (someone do cinnamon!) - seems to be a useful antioxidant source when restricting carbs.


1) Cottage cheese
2) 12g protein per 100g, bargain or what?
3) Tastes really bad. Liquify with water or milk, and gulp.


1) Fresh Figs
2) High in Fiber, vitamin B, potassium and calcium and simple sugars.
3) Tastes like candy, great in oatmeal and protein shakes


1) beef
2) protien
3) it's good.


1) Quark
2) High protein, low fat and low carb
3) Better in texture and taste than cottage cheese for me


1) Sesame oil
2) Source of healthy fats and sesamine
3) Brightens up any dish!


*Revised 3)its whats for dinner


I love Quark! Got a tub of the stuff in the fridge right now.
It's oh so versatile. Great over scrambled eggs with cinnamon.