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Food for the Next Five Days Before Fitness Test?

I need a little help with making a decent week of eating aimed towards a fitness test that isn’t super hard tbh but definitely aimed at the cardiovascular system.

Basically its 50 pushups, a sit and reach stretch, a floating plank for 3 minutes and a beep test for roughly 11 minutes.

I know I can pass all that(the stretch might suck) but I am doing the test for a serious reason so I absolutely want to crush it. I’m not great at the picking foods for this stuff usually just follow what in told. What bland easy meal would you eat for five days to load on carbs and not feel bloated. I can think of generally good foods but putting a plan together is my problem.

The last few days before any physical event/sport/contest is the worst time to make any untested changes to diet because you don’t know how you’ll react physically.

Never mind that, for those particular events, you’re not really going to benefit from “carb loading” (except maybe the beep test, but there’s the potential that carb bloat could negatively affect the other three tests), especially since you don’t really need to carb load in general if you regularly have carbs in your diet and you’d need to specifically adjust your training to optimize the carbs.

Basically, if you know you can pass the test already, then it’s just about not screwing things up. Treat the test like a workout in terms of meal timing before and nutrition during (if you’re allowed) and eat how you’ve been eating, taper your training the next couple of days so you’re not going into it with any fatigue, and then go in and perform at 100%.


That’s the best advice I could ask for really. I’m bad for making changes and regretting it. Carb loading is what I was aiming towards but as I read about runners problems with diets it led me to asking the question what would you guys do.

I’ll stick to my regular. Definitely cutting lactose and caffeine based on the fact I feel like shit after but haven’t cut back on lactose much at all knowing it’s a problem.

Thanks. Maybe after I’ll give something a try and see how I react. Durring junior hockey days I always struggled to figure out what I ate and did for my best games and what I did and ate for my worst. But as I get older I’m starting to figure all that stuff out.