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Food for the family

I know there are number of forumites with families (wife/husband and children), so am interested in what the rest of the family eat. Do they just have ‘regular’ type diets, J Beradi type combos etc? In my case my wife has given up worrying about what I eat and just generally lets me do my thing. Mine have regular diets as far as food combos go but overall healthy, (esp compared to other kids) taking sandwiches, fruit and water to school and consuming plenty of veges, beef and chicken and milk. Note, children 11 and 8 and both would be the leanest in their classes, my daughter (8) has even commented on the junk other kids eat and how fat they all are.


My wife and I eat pretty independantly of each other. We try to eat together for dinner and I can usually either whip up a P&C or P&F (salad with chicken) meal pretty easy for us.

I think its pretty bad what some parents let their kids eat these days, parents will look after their kids and worry about things like
their safety and all that, which is to be expected from any parent,but go to any shopping mall and youll see that most parents dont give a crap about what their kids eat or the consequences of what an unhealthy diet for a child can lead to later in life. its a sad thing when you see an obese 10 year old scoffing down a cream bun and fanta from the local donut king.


I cook for my family most of the time and they eat what I make for them. I personally have cut out all wheat products and have reduced my carb intake, but I have teenagers who need to eat more than I do. I make a nutritionally balanced meal for the family and I choose what I eat out of that. As for having good food in the house, I try to limit the junk so that when they want to snack they would eat things like fruit, yogurt, vegetables. I try to prepare meals in a way that doesn’t include high fat content (grilling and baking as opposed to frying). It really isn’t very difficult. Many years ago my husband was on a very strict diet (no wheat, dairy, red meat, caffeine or alcohol). He stuck to it for a long time and basically did his own thing. He also had to eat certain foods I knew nobody else would touch. Luckily he’s very good in the kitchen, so I just let him do his thing and cooked “normally” for the rest of us. By the way, the weight just poured off of him on that diet! He ate like a horse (the foods that he was allowed), but was always hungry and always losing weight. He felt great, by the way! So, after this long-winded rant, what is good for you is good for your whole family, really. If you need extra protein, you can add that easily enough on your own. If you are avoiding certain things (like carbs), just don’t eat them.