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Food For Life


Anyone eat this regularly?

I've added a couple (toasted) pieces to my breffus of many eggs in the morning and sometimes with lunch or with peanut butter for a snack.

This stuff is full of fiber and tastes phenominal. I usually get the 7-Grain sprouted.


Doesn't bloat me up or make me feel 'loagy' like regular wheat breads (which I'd previously eliminated from diet). No flour in this bread.

A little expensive, but I give this a total thumbs up for taste and 'function'.


I used to get some sort of Ezekial bread when I lived with my parents. It was a bit dry from what I remember. But it was great to toast two of them up, cook up some eggs, and make a sandwich with some Louisiana Hot Sauce. I may have to start making those again :p.

Do you know if they are also gluten-free? I can't remember

EDIT: Here are a list of gluten-free products


Does anyone know what exactly is wrong with gluten? I think I read a Poliquin article on it somewhere.


A lot of people have a hard time digesting it. If you tolerate it, it's fine.


Fresh direct in NY has this bread, it rules. It really does


The 7 grain is good, I currently have a loaf of the original 4:9 bread in the freezer and eat it a few times a week. I have also had their 4:9 burger buns in the past and they are pretty good toasted on the grill. My favorite is to make french toast with the cinnimon raisin bread.

I need to try their pasta and english muffins sometime since I'm pretty sure my local grocery store carries both of them too.


I usually buy bread from this company or alvarado street bakery which is another sprouted grain, high fiber bread found in the frozen section.


If I had any more fiber in my diet, I would shit myself every time I breath in.

Do they have non-high-fiber kind?



I know that when working with Shelby, Ezekial/sprouted grain breads like this are the only types of breads i am allowed, if they have his thumbs up i feel comfortable agreeing with you that they are quality.

Also, seeing a thread by you i was sure that it was gonna be some collection of amazing food-porn you had recently whipped up...

This is my first time experiencing the legendary "Internet-food-porn-blue-ball"