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Food For Control?


In a re-reading of The Warrior Diet (by Ori Hofmekler), he makes an interesting hypothesis: we are controlled by our diet. By eating regularly, 3 to 6 times per day, this makes us docile and more easily ruled. Hungry people get pissed off, fight, want to shake things up --- in essence, be warriors. Food is a way of control. Much like an animal in the zoo, we become lazy and tame if we're fed regularly.

This sounds, to me, almost Matrix-like. Give 'em food, give 'em drugs (legal and illegal), give 'em low-brow entertainments, you've got 'em!

Anyone else have thoughts here?

BTW: Ori was interviewed on this site. His ideas about diet are held in pretty low regard; but I find the philosophical aspect quite interesting..


But who or what is the controlling entity?


Well, if you want to be pissed off and belligerent, I guess you can starve yourself...but keep in mind that by not eating regularly you only stand to be weaker and less energetic. If we're talking about the way most Americans stuff themselves three meals a day plus snacks/dessert, it's obviously excessive; I'm sure you can picture the average joe eating his meat and potatoes, loosening the ol' belt and passing out in front of the television.

But for those of us who eat with specific goals in mind, this man's "philosophy" doesn't hold any water. Honestly, since I've started eating cleanly and regularly, food has lost its hold on me.


The idea of his book is to eat very little all day, then eat all you want (clean) at night. He says that this is the natural way to eat, keeps insulin under control and so forth.

What I found most interesting was the historical comparisons. When Rome was rising, the slaves ate all day while the Romans ate only at night. They fed the slaves to keep them docile.

It could be that all the obesity and over-feeding is actually planned -- perhaps not consciously. This is simply civilisation's way of keeping us from killing each other.


It can go the other way too - hunger can make you tired, weak, and unfocussed. Sure overeating makes you the same way. But eating a little...? I've never eaten a smallish amount of healthy food and become dull, tired or weak from it.

I used to follow the warrior diet. It does help with weight loss (since there's only so much you can eat when you're only eating once a day), and your body can adapt to it. It works quite well for some people.... but the diet really isn't based on any decent body of research at all.

Also, according to Ori, bodybuilders and athletes can successfully practice a 'modified' version of the diet, which is essentially eating mainly raw veggies and small amounts of protein regularly throughout the day, working out and then eating a shitload.

UM.... not THAT different from what a lot of people already do.


That's a good point. If I just nibble all day, how would I get anywhere near enough protein in my diet? Thank you, Jinx Me!


Anytime someone compares today's couch potato attitude with Roman slaves you know they are beyond grasping.

It's not food that makes you lazy, it's your mind.