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Food for Camping?


Hey all, I’m going camping over the weekend. Gonna get my heavy deadlifts done in the morning before I go (I’m dreaming about deads lately wtf)…

So the point of this what portable nutritious food can I take so I don’t get cannibalistic at 1am? I’m from Oz so no sauerkraut or other fancy shit…


Nuts and/or trail mix
Dehydrated fruit
Freeze-dried meals
Protein powder
Chicken in a pouch
Peanut butter
Instant potatoes

A lot of this depends on what kind of cooking gear you’re packing, how long you’re camping and the difficulty of the hike.


When my girlfriend and i go camping, we precook everything, freeze it and bring it in a cooler, with a bag or two of ice that we only open to grab that food out of. A lot of people don’t realize that ice in a cooler only melts cause you open the cooler alot, if you only open it twice a day or something the ice/frozen things will stay for DAYS.

We did this at a music festival this summer that was a week long and it was over 90 degrees most days. The food was still frozen sunday night when we left, even after the cooler being in the hot car all week.


Got back from camping. Awesome as ever. I love getting away and going back to the basics. Nothing but a water hole, a fire and a beautiful starry night sky! I forgot lots of stuff but the jerky was a life saver. Next time I can’t forget the torch!!


Yeah our ice melted well quick… Guess we opened it way more than recommended :joy::beers:


Haha sorry to hear that! We normally bring two and treat one like a “fridge” and one like a “freezer”. Only open the one for the few seconds you’re taking something out!


Wait are we talking car camping? Where you just drive to your campsite and haul whatever shit you want to bring? If that’s the case…

Ribeyes over the fire.
Bratwurst over the fire
Burgers over the fire
Beans over the fire
Fire-roasted corn
Fire-grilled vegetables
Fire-roasted potato packs in tinfoil
Extra Beer
Backup whiskey
Cheap cigars