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Food Emergency

I’m running out of food and I can’t afford anymore. I have eight chicken breasts and dozen eggs for the week, but after that, I have to eat my supply of canned salmon (yuck!) Does anyone have any ideas to make canned salmon more palatable? I’ve tried salmon omelettes, but they failed. But if you have a recipe, I’ll be willing to try it again.


I really like canned salmon. I used to eat it with whole wheat pasta all the time. Just throw in some olives and garlic and tomatoes and I was happy. I’ve eaten it with a big bowl of vegetables with either olive oil or soy sauce. I don’t particularly know how to help since I like it no matter how it is prepared.

Canned salmon can’t be that bad. I’ve never had it, but is it really worse than tuna? Anyway, for a quick salad I usually mix my tuna with some mustard, dill pickle relish, balsamic vinegar, some lemon juice, and some hotsauce. I’ll sometimes add a drizzle of flax of olive oil to it and then I just eat it. If I want to have some carbs with it I’ll just wrap that mixture in a flax tortilla or something like that.

all you have to do is pour some rice vinegar on it.

It is funny that you posted this today- I am in the exact same situation. I a living on chicken, tuna and oatmeal for the next week until I get some money for groceries.

Well, it might help me lean out a little!

With the canned salmon, I would put some olive oil and some gralic/garlic salt. Be creative and/or suck it up!

Good Luck

Rice is very cheap. I saw a 25lb bag of rice at the expired grocery store for $1. You can spare $1 or find it in change in a parking lot. Water is cheap too and that’s all you need to prepare it. Eat salmon+rice for every meal except the last two or three, which should be just salmon. If you have $1-2 a week that you can spend, use eggs for the last meal.

My carb supplies are still pretty stocked, it’s the protein that’s running low. Rice has been my savior this semester though.

With the salmon, I pretty much did what every one has done. Canned Salmon cooked in olive oil, with tomatoes, celery, onions, and garlic powder. It tasted pretty good.

Thanks for the tips. This week isn’t going to be as bad as I thought.

Good luck: I’ve been there.

I’m kinda there now, though I think I may be a little more stocked up than you. I at least have some veggies.

Dan “Broke-ass College Student” McVicker

I have a good recipe for canned salmon patties, you can either broil them or fry them in “Pam”

You can scale this recipe to make as much as you like, just keep the ratios about the same.

One 14.5 oz. can salmon
one egg
lemon juice of half lemon (guessin 2 tablespoons)
1 small onion or half a medium onion, minced or chopped fine
2 oz. shredded cheddar cheese (optional)
Tablespoon of Sambal (asian chili sauce) optional but recommended. If you don’t have sambal, use equal amount tabasco.
Breadcrumbs from one slice bread.

Drain salmon and carefully remove excess skin and bones. This is actually the only hard part about this recipe. Put the salmon into a large bowl.

To make the breadcrumbs, toast a piece of bread, then break it up and put it into your blender. Your blender will make good breadcrumbs, try to “pulse” it by stop-starting. The breadcrums act as a binder and help hold the salmon together, but you can leave them out if you like.

I also like to chop the onion in my blender and make it into puree. Add the lemon juice and sambal/tabasco during this step, the liquid makes for easier blending. I also recommend zesting the lemons and adding the zest.

Basically add everything else together amd mix it up with your hands and form patties, which you fry or broil. Don’t make the patties too big or too thick, they will fall apart.
I recommend keeping the heat on them til they turn a chocolate brown color, and then flip. I think they are best when “medium well done”

The eggs, cheese and breadcrumbs help bind everything together.

Try it! The combination of flavors of fish, lemon, onion, and heat from the sambal is a winning combination.

I’ll say two things about salmon: 1) I like it and 2) the pouched kind is much better than canned.

As for ways to use it, both Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee have recipes (lots of them) on their web sites.

My favorites:
Chicken of the Sea salmon cakes with lemon herb sauce
Bumble Bee salmon burgers

Both of them are worth a try and a lot of the others look tempting too, just haven’t gotten around to trying them.

Lumpy (or anyone else):

DId you have a special technique to get the bones out? I just tried canned salmon for the first time, and surprisingly, it was good, but every bite had me reaching in my mouth to get microscopic bones out. They are so small it was hard for me to find them all. Any technique, or did you just sift it over and over until you got all you could see?

Seems like a great addition to the diet. I looked at boneless canned salmon, and it was 8 bucks for a tiny can! Screw that!

As far as the bones go…

am I the only one that eats them? I mean they’ve been cooked, and are perfectly soft, and that’s where all the calcium and mineral are at…

just eat the bones, they break apart easily in your mouth and are probably really good for you.

i second the eat the bones

Just eat it you pussy.

Thanks Dawg on the Porch, I was waiting for someone to say that :wink: If it came down to it I would have, but luckily everyone’s ideas really helped a lot.