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Food dehydrators

Anyone here ever try my pasta maker, or the food dehydrator? Very effeicient for bodybuilding uses. You can make chocolate pasta, broccoli pasta, spinach pasta. Guess how much? 500 dollars? No! 320 dollars? No! You can have it all for 4 easy payments of $59.95. But wait, there’s more! Order within the next 5 minutes, and I’ll throw in bottle of my famous “hair in a can” for free- no more embarassing bald spots! But thats not all! Order now, and I’ll also throw in a copy of Mike Mentzers brand new report on the Philosophies of Getting Laid.

In all seriousness, anybody ever use the food dehydrator for chicken or beef?

I have a ‘mr.coffee’ dehydrator. I love it for making beef jerky. It takes about a day to do. I have some great recipes if you’re interested!

I bought a food dehydrater for my sister-in-law for X-mas last year, not his by the way. It worked really well. The jerky was great and so was the dried fruit.

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