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Food Cravings

When I use tribex my testosterone levels are thru the roof especially stacked with vitex thats the good news the bad news is my bad cravings skyrocket too. I live in Australia so ephedra is out and I want to avoid it, any natural suggestions besides fiber

5-HTP 50-100mg on an empty stomach helps


Try toothepaste…seriously, everytime you get wracked with a really bad craving, brush your teeth with the mintiest, worst tasting, best for your teeth toothe paste you have.

First, this will put a nasty taste in your mouth and prevent you from eating.

Second, if you have decent hygiene, you've built up a psychophysical association between brushing your teeth and being done with your meal. So, since you brush your teeth when done eating, and that usually means you're no longer hungry, doing it during a craving will help you fool yourself into thinking you're no longer hungry. Just a little something I do to help me cut. Hope this helps.