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Food Craving Understanding and Management

I been getting cravings. In the past i couldn’t tell the difference between different types of carb cravings. I feel either i know the difference between simple vs complex. Or sweet vs grains.

I solved my cravings for grains with oatmeal. Now i crave and to settle it, i need simple sugars from sweets. I go for instant oatmeal but i need to stop. The artificial sweeteners have me hitting the mens room to pee and i relate one to the other in an unhealthy way.

My diet foods right now are as followed.
Chicken thighs, London broil, Crystal lite. Coffee, bananas, salt. pop corn and instant oatmeal.
So my sugar sources now are instant oatmeal and the sugar i add to coffee.

Should i try to partition sugar though the day so I’m always getting some or should i use sugar substitutes? I dropped cereals, nutella, jelly, soda and fruit. Been away from them for months now.

Should i give up instant oatmeal for potatoes and rice?
I’d be trading the sugars i get from the oatmeal for fats i get from butter, sour cream, coconut oil.

I"m not trying to solve a body composition issue or a performance issue. I want the cravings to end.

For me I only have cravings when I don’t have a clear physique goal and strategy that I’m following. If my motivation is top notch I don’t even think about bad foods.

There is a couple factors at play that I can think of off the top of my head. No where near a precised and extensive list of cause and effect, but just somethings that are obvious from my experience.

  1. Sugar. More specifically the roller-coaster effects of Blood sugar levels.

  2. Fructose which doesn’t suppress Ghrelin(stimulates hunger)

  3. Gliadin the pesky wheat based protein which now-a-days seems to be in everything.

  4. Aspartame, which more or less primes the body for “cravings” per se.

  5. Physiological demand for nutrients such as Vitamin C for instance.

  6. An ingrained habit of indulgence.

The guy said he “need"s” simple sugars from sweets"

No you don’t ScreenWatcha, I don’t care what you read, you don’t “need” “sweets”