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Food Count Accuracy For Chicken Breast

I use the USDA food counts for my data on food


My question is for things like chicken breast, meat only, fat removed, does this still have fat in the meat itself?

If you input 300 g into the engine you get 93/0/10 for the food count.

If I cook my chicken slowly at 200 degrees for 2 hours, I have much more moisture in my chicken breasts.

If I boil them on the stove, the breasts are smaller because I cooked the water out of them which makes them more protein dense.

So the question is: Is there fat in the chicken breast meat as the government says? Or not?

Since I make all my food, I need some consistency for the food counts.


I’m fairly certain there is a small amount, but have no scientific evidence to prove this. May I ask why you care so much? OCD, perhaps?

Of course there is. Just like with even lean beef, some fat is ingrained within the meat. Don’t worry about it if your removing excess fat off the trim.

I just trim as much fat as possible and don’t worry about exact amounts, even during my contest diet.