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Food Cooler Size?

Sup T-Peeps,

I was wondering how big of a cooler you guys took to classes or work. I looked at a 9QT and it seemed a little small. Now I’m leaning towards a 16 but have yet to see one in person.

What do you guys roll with?

I’ve been using a 16qt for about a year and a half. It holds 4 meals right now (massive eating style with plenty of fruits and veggies ~600-700 cals/meal)

I’ve gotten used to it, but I still get plenty of looks. The most common comments are “is that full of beer?”, “going on a picnic?”, and my favorite “taking your fridge to work?”

mines an igloo max cold, it’s held up pretty well. I find I do need something bigger if I’m going to be out of my house for more than 10 hours, but I’ve just been putting the dry stuff in a plastic bag or taking one of those “regular” lunch coolers.

However, I think anything bigger than a 16qt would be quite cumbersome, it wouldn’t really hang at your side anymore, and it you put it under your desk you wouldn’t have room for your feet.

Beats me, but it’s huge. Holds about five two-and-a-half cup tupperware containers and two thirty-ounce shakers.

I get looks, also. I’m not fat, so people wonder why I need so much food. I usually have to shove half of the itty-bitty coolers off the bottom shelf of the fridge to put mine in there.

I scoff when I see grown men carrying in a cooler-bag that may hold, at the most, one sandwich and a container of yogurt. Shit, I’d starve!

[quote]PSlave wrote:
Shit, I’d starve![/quote]

They do too. I used to carry a huge one as well and notice how many people would start talking about how hungry they were by 10am. Since they usually hadn’t eaten since breakfast (or as in the case of some women, hadn’t eatn that day at all), this usually led to them overeating at lunch and wondering why they were fat as hell.

If you have some size on you and aren’t fat, no one will screw with the fact that you carry a cooler with you. Hell, carrying a gallon jug of water everywhere used to be the signal that you were a bodybuilder.

I went to the store and checked out both the Coleman and Igloo and choose the Igloo. Its a little wider than the Coleman but not as tall…it looks smaller, but still holds 16QT.

No excuses for not being prepared when I hit the road.