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Food Choices During Work Day!

Gone are the days of school where I enjoyed 7 meals a day of all you can eat dining hall food. I am currently working landscaping, 6 days a week, 9-11hours a day. I am looking for some dietary help from others who are working the same type of physical labor during the summer and who are currently bulking as I am.

With this type of job there is really no time to stop and eat, our breaks consist of 20 minute or so drives in between job sites, and one 15 minute lunch break around noon. I need some help with food choices to prepare the day before that I can eat in between jobs, as I really am unable to buy anything during the work day.

Again, I am bulking so I also need to make sure I am getting a high intake of carbs and protein. I am not looking to have my hand held through this simply looking around at what others in a position like myself are eating to keep there calories high while working outside all day. A list of your food choices would suite me fine. Off to the grocery store.

Thanks for the time, and good day.

Jerky and nuts in your pocket, other then that a cooler packed full of just food bro. it aint gotta be gourmet save that for when you get home just fuel, pout meats, cheeses veggies what ever you can in there Left overs and have at it


Yea… what Phil said… and make some mad sandwiches and put them in a cooler. Pre-mix some protein/carb shakes and put them in the cooler too. 20 mins. between job sites is plenty of time to take in some meals man. This is easy.

I’m in the exact same boat, aside from I’m cutting. I save my bulking when I get back to school because I feel like the labor is like 8rs of low intensity cardio and is great for fat loss. I work 6 days at about 10 hrs a day. I get my meals in between jobs.

But I did Bulk last summer while working the same job. What I did was cook ground beef the night before, with some chicken or steak when I felt like it. Even at like 3700 or so cals I was under eating at about 230lbs. I still gained some weight, but not as much as I wanted. I just ate mostly the ground beef, tuna and a lot of oatmeal. I would just cook it in the morning and put it in ziploc bags.

So I’d say nuts, chicken/beef/ham, and oatmeal because its easy to get a lot of it down real fast in between jobs. Just eat them cold, they dont taste bad cold. Add some more salt to the oatmeal and its pretty good cold. Also some liquid cals like gatorade would be good to have while working, just keep them out of the sun.

I find I eat better at work since I pack it all in my cooler for the day. By the end of the shift its all gone, nothing missed. I take whole weat wraps with turkey, cut up chicken, nuts, vegetables like carrots and broccoli. Greens +, fish oils tabs and BCAA’s between meals. Couple shaker cups with Metabolic Drive and some nalgene bottles.

yea eating during the day on the job isnt bad at all…ive been doin it for the past 3 summers or so…i make a cooler in the morning throw some bottles of water in there or just take a gallon along with me for the day if u dont care if it gets warm haha…

make some PBandJ sandwiches, cut up turkey breast or chicken in a ziploc bag…i make one water bottle of ICE Grape BCAA drink so i sip that throughout the day…ill also bring a MRP premixed to have around lunch time, dont let it sit toooo long cuz supposedely the protein will break down that way…

but its actually pretty easy, just keep eating!!! and pack that cooler to the MAX…good luck bro it wont be that hard, you just gotta get into the groove of things

The key is preperation and buying a cooler so big it needs wheels. I bought this awesome cooler at costco, when people ask me what is that for? I say “lunch” its great.

I pack, chicken or steak in pasta, cottege cheese, almonds, fruit, LOTS of water, all my supps, etc. it gets pretty routine.