Food Choices and Diet

I dont currently follow any dieting programs, since i’ve only just started going to the gym. I would say im pretty active at home but since coming to university i dont get as much time to go biking as i used to ( twice a week max now, used to be 4 or 5 times a week at home ).

For a guy thats 5’8" and 140lbs… should i really be worrying about what i eat? I sat at dinner today with a few guys who go to the gym. They have all been doing it for a few years. My plate looked really over loaded compared to theirs, even though i didnt finish most of what i had i still felt kind of weird. Do you have to become a healthy food fanatic? because the way i see it at the minute is… at 62ish kg… im really light compared to other guys my age and of my height that go to the gym. Will my weight naturally just change? or will i have to change my diet completely?

Basically what im trying to get at… everyone is different right? some have high motobalism while others have something close to non existant. Should i worry about what other people eat compared to me? or just stick to how i am now and eat what i want. I currently have two meals a day, maybe a little snack between but usually i dont have time due to the amount of lectures i have and being in a catered halls with set times for food is sometimes hard to get back in time from the other side of campus.

please try not to flame

Just lift and see if the results come without worrying about your diet.

If you’re not getting the results you want, maybe you will have to worry about what you eat. I never bothered changing my eating habits until 4 years into my lifting.

When I was pole vaulting at Cal State in the mid 80’s I never thought about what I ate, my body fat was as low as 3.14%, (yes I know that is extremely low and hardly believable. the techs at the Indiana University track camp checked it 3 times! They called me Pi Man all week)

Anyway, I thought I must have a fast matabolism, I never worried about it until one day (12 years later) I realized I couldn’t see my abs anymore and my BF% was now at 34% by The U.S. Navy Circumference Method measurements. Now, 2 years later, it is only down to about 16%. It would have been a whole lot easier to keep fit than it is to get back in shape. I don’t care how fit you are now, if you don’t eat right AND work out it will catch up to you sooner or later.

i got big pretty quick jus eating w/e i wanted,but now since i wanna lose a little i have to watch mine,its all in what you want to look like

Basically the vibe im gettin from the answers so far is… you can eat what you want… but eventually it may catch up with you. When this does happen its going to be 100 times harder to lose the weight you gained, than it was putting it on. Im going to stay the way i am for a couple more weeks, until i get in to the proper lifting ( at the minute im doing a general work out to try and find where my limits are on each exersice, finding my weak points etc ). Ill keep tabs on my weight as i go along ( i know this is never an accurate measure to take due to fat ratio etc, but im not going to be making huge solid mass gains any time soon)