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Food Choice Help...

so for the longest time i followed a list of food choices that i found off of another website. then tonight iread
Berardi’s kitchen part I.

he says i can eat things like: cheese, pesto sauce, tomato sauce, curry sauce… etc,.

thing is i’m wondering what is considered permissible as an additive to things like chicken? i don’t want to go overboard but i agree that i need to make my meals more enjoyable and less bland? anyone know if the pesto he is referring to has cheese in it?

i’m looking to incoporate his suggestions but i want to make sure i buy the right ‘versions’ and don’t add too much!

currently here is my #'s (for bulking)

3100 calories 200 grams carbs 100g fat 350 protein

I think Dr. Berardi has a cookbook available at his website. Can’t help you with any links.

another way to ask this …

when i go hunting for sauces i know i should looking for things like extra virggin olive oil

and NOT look for things
like sugar, high fructose corn syrup… etc,.

but anything else i should know when buying sauces?

[quote]bikemike wrote:
I think Dr. Berardi has a cookbook available at his website. Can’t help you with any links.[/quote]

yeah its here: www.johnberardi.com/products/gourmet/gnsample.pdf

unfortunately he doesn’t have any recipes for sauces, except one-pesto.

i was wondering if i were to purchase store bought sauces what should i look for (besides olive oiil) and what should i NOT look for (besides sugars, high fructose corn syrup)?


I don’t know wher you are in your lifting or diet and to what extreme you are shooting for, but it really would be ok to eat a little sugar or even HFCS in a sauce. Just watch your portions and enjoy.

Fat free honey mustard can be good. Hell, full fat honey and mustard can be good. If you are going for super leanness, you can adjust something else, but it will make eating chicken 7 times a week bearable.

Bererdi also says that 90/10 rule is where you want to be. If you’re doing most everything else fine, a little sauce on your chicken won’t be the end all be all.