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Food Before Spinning Class?


After a couple of years away due to stressful family medical issues, I am focusing on getting back into shape.

I do cardio 3 times a week and weights twice a week.

The stress and cortisone pulled a lot of fat to my belly and I understand that spinning classes help that.

I know the bottom line is nutrition, then weights and people debate over cardio. Cardio is good for me for many reasons. I've always done fasted cardio and that has worked well.

But spinning class is more intense -- the particular one I go to is form of interval training for about an hour.

So given I am going to do a spinning class at 10 Am on Saturdays (I usually wake up around 8:30) what food if any should I eat in advance?


When I was spinning regularly I'd have a glass of milk and a cup of coffee before hand. Honestly, you've gotta try stuff and seem what works best for you. Food early makes me feel like a rock for cardio.


I do any morning exercise, whether it's running or weights or gymnastics, fasted. This isn't out of any desire for fat burning, but because I'm a slow digester and I don't like anything sloshing around in my stomach when I'm trying to exercise. The more intense the exercise, the worse I'll feel if I eat.
I can tolerate tea (which I have with skimmed milk) and I'll have a teaspoon of glutamine in water (either warm water, or cold with a fizzy Vit C tablet) when I get up.


I was trying to decide whether feeling like a rock for cardio was "good" or "bad." :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. I did spinning this morning on decaf coffee. I felt fine. But I could only make it 40% through the class. I have to build up my stamina.


how about a coffee and a banana...or a coffee and then a protien shake with some berries blended in in the car on the way there?
Something small and light to help hold you over? I would go with the shake tho, but everyone is different in what their bodies want before a workout :slightly_smiling:


I thought about an apple -- particularly since Honey Crisps are in season .... mmmmm!


for sure that would work too....throw in a couple almonds if that doesnt quite do it! Have fun with your classes :slightly_smiling: