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Food at Work


Well it's harvest time, and the last few days I've had a lot of trouble coming even close to the amount of calories and protein that my body needs to grow.

I'm looking for some advise on what I can do to ensure that I eat enough food during the day to grow and make my time in the gym worthwhile.

Would this be a good situation for PB&Js, shakes, and tuna sandwiches all day long (half gal of milk with some protein powder in it is a possibility too?)? The only real meals that I can get is a huge breakfast after I workout and a whole chicken with some rice or potatoes when I get home (just leave it in the crockpot all day).

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I consider this a crisis :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you do for work that keeps you away from food all day?


I farm. Generally I don't have a problem getting food at will, but during harvest I'm either sitting in a truck all day long or sitting in a tractor all day long.


don't sweat it.
take a look at brad pilon's work/resaerch survey
you can go at least a day fasting without compromising your strength or your mass.

And if you're being static in a truck a great thing to do is get out of the cab and do some mobility work, and take a boxed lunch of whatever you want - or put it it a cooler in the cab. Also now might be a good time to play with a gripper.

i come from a family of farmers, and worked the ancient but brilliantly maintained Versatile combine - none of us ever went off without a lunch and a thermos. Best time of year for fresh veggies from the garden, eh?



What are suggestions for helpful foods that I can bring and eat throughout my 12 hours of sitting in the truck.


Trail mix? Anything that will keep at outdoor temperatures... nuts, fruits, hell your PB&J idea was pretty good. If all else fails, mix up some bulking shakes. Heavy Cream, 1 cup Greek Yogurt, and however much protein you want. That'll rack up over 1000 calories by itself and I promise you that it will be little enough to keep down but filling enough that you wont be starving.


c'mon farmer,
wouldn't you just pack your normal lunch and some snacks? anything you eat in the kitchen you can eat in the truck. and if the cab ain't AC'd grab a cooler.



PB&J is always awesome, but it might be good to get some protein. I dunno if you can keep the dairy products (milk, cottage cheese, whatevs) cool long enough in the tractor?

Make two chickens each night, and them pack chicken sammiches for the next day. Or just eat the drumsticks.


Oh damn chicken sammiches sound good! So I will probably just end up packing a shitload of sandwhiches, PBJ's and chicken sandwhiches, along with my protein shakes. Large breakfast after workout, large supper before bed.

Thanks guys!


I'm just happy I read a post that started with "well its harvest time"


um, yeah pack a lunch.


Kind of ironic this guy is a farmer during harvest time and doesn't have access to food.

But in the interest of not being totally unhelpful, here's something that I like cold:

1 cup oats
A couple big spoonfuls of peanut butter (natural would be preferred)
2 cups water

microwave for 2 minutes, stir and try to separate the peanut butter so it's not as clumpy, then microwave for another minute. Add plenty of cinnamon and then a cup of frozen blueberries (4lb bag is like $8 at costco) and/or a banana or two.

It probably sounds/looks weird to eat cold (especially since the blueberries turn everything purple), but I almost like it better than way then hot. When I was roofing I would throw that in a cooler with a cold (but obviously not raw!) chicken breast and have a pretty damn good meal. You're getting about 1000 calories for less than $5 so it's nice on the wallet too.

I'm sure it won't be to everybody's taste, but don't knock it until you try it!