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Food at Work?

Okay, I got a new job about a week or two. Love the place. It’s a local manufacturing job, but the crazy cool thing is the atmosphere. Relaxed, not that strict (well, they are about the product). I can sit there and eat anytime I get a slow time, which is what I do. So far I’ve only been bringing a few sandwiches and gatorade, but I NEED something more

I was hoping anybody could help me find some things I could cook up the night before, and toss in the fridge at work. I’m going to start lifting once again, and want the food to be as clean yet packed as possible. The less processed/dairy oriented the better. I want to be as close to natural in everything as I can.

That being said. I’m not going to be a natural food nazi. So don’t fret too much.

I’m going to start searching everywhere for recipes, and any help would be SERIOUSLY appreciated.

ditch the gatorade for one

search Berardi’s Gourmet meets Nutrition article.

might want to pick up his gourmet nutrition recipe book, well worth the money.

you could always cook up chicken breasts, eggs, etc and make a salad out of it

almonds as a snack are good

Sandwiches, filled with cold cuts/veggies


Walnuts, almonds,
cottage cheese,
hard boiled eggs

Nuts and seeds are some of my favorite work food staples. I will often cook pot roasts, whole chickens, drumsticks, pork tenderloin, and various other meets and just pack them along. Also, often I’ll bring a few hard boiled eggs along, for yet another meal. One of my co-workers always asks me how my “half dozen” was when i return from break.

Check out the milkshake thread
you’ll find everything there, quick and easy consumption

I cook oatmeal at my work in the microwave. I have a bowl before my workouts. If you opened one of my desk drawers you’d find a ton of canned herring, some nuts and green tea. I drink/snack on those at work. The canned fish might turn some people off, since it smells.

Good stuff so far. I might have to check out Berardi’s Gourmet Nutrition. It’s totally plausible for me to bring a couple full meals to work. Only thing is I won’t be able to totally just sit down and down it in one sitting. It’d be smaller sittings every 20 minutes or so.

I might look in the women’s forum. I think they have a recipe section don’t they?

[quote]tweekafaik wrote:
Walnuts, almonds,
cottage cheese,
hard boiled eggs[/quote]

Pretty much everything I would have recommened. Maybe a protein shake, either just protein and only have to add water, or make up a couple servings of shake with fruits/veggies the night before and keep it in the fridge. I was eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches this past week, good fat and carbs, little bit of a protein…combine it with a shake maybe?

[quote]StazNasty wrote:
I’m not going to be a natural food nazi. So don’t fret too much.

I’ll try my best not to.

I’d recommend checking out Berardi’s Precision Nutrition:

‘Gourmet Nutrition’, the cookbook jehovasfitness mentioned, is part of the package, but there’s a great deal more useful info, as well.

Jerky is great, too, but can get expensive so look into making your own. Berardi also released the Gourmet Desserts book that has tasty desserts that fit into a plan.

I sometimes make the protein muffins and take one with me in a plastic bag (keeps it moist). Only thing I added to his recipe was a couple tablespoons of organic, no-sugar added, applesauce to make em more moist.