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Food and Nutrition Books?

I appreciate there are a lot of book threads, but in this one I am specificially looking for books about how food plays a role in our lives. I’m not looking for textbooks or “how to eat” books. More I’m looking for books about obesity, how our food is manufactured, how it impacts our lives, etc. Something you might find in the social and cultural areas of Chapters book stores (or whatever your local book store is). Thanks

“Rethinking Thin” is a history of the dieting industry and goes into the history while following two groups of dieters. One group doing the Atkins diet and the other just a standard caloric deficit diet. The history, statistics, and studies that she goes into while following these two groups is interesting.

“Meat is for Pussies” by John Joseph…while it contains a lot of info that directly opposes the general consensus of what is right in the bodybuilding and strength world, it is an excellent read. I found the chapters could have gone into further depth into some of the topics that were being investigated, but it does give you an excellent jump off point for further research on your own.


Fast Food Nation

Good Calories, Bad Calories

Food Politics (haven’t read it yet though)

anything by this lady

Fast food nation (eric shlosser)… very good read.

I’ve read fast food nation, but none of the others. Appreciate the suggestions everyone. Thanks

Hard to beat ‘In Defense of Food’ - Michael Pollan

Food rules by Michael Pollan

The end of overeating by David A Kessler

Both really good books, really open your eyes about food.

Nourishing Traditions

Recommended in another thread - have it on order…

The Omnivore’s Dilemma ( Micheal Pollan )
Living Low Carb ( Jonny Bowden )
The Paleo Solution ( Robb Wolf )

The Gracie Diet(Rorion Gracie)

Why we get fat by Gary Taubes -A Harvard nuclear physicist does his own research

Good speaker as well: