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Food and Money


I should be eating 3000-3500 calories a day. How the hell do you afford it? I can't spend $400 a month on chow!!



Buy food that fits your budget.

Tuna, canned makril, other cheaper meats, Olive oil and nuts other good fats, Cheap and pack a LOT of Calories, Oat meal, doesnt get much cheapr, fruit and veggies are dirt cheap, buy in bulk.


Then either your priorities are not in line with your physique goals, or you are "too poor" to bodybuild. I have a hard time beleiving the latter.



You can get a 10 pound sack of chiken leg quarters for around four bucks, and you can get a ten pound sack of taters for around two. Flour, and little milk and some butter, and you have fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and you have enough of it for a long time.

Baked barbecue chicken can be made if barbecue sauce isn't too unneccessary a cost. Depedning on where you live/work, you can talk to someone who farms on the side, and chances are they will sell you a hog or a side of beef.
Taters are good raw with salt. Rice is cheap.
Peanut butter can be had realitively cheap.


Hahaha! $400 a month? That's what I go through in 2 weeks.


One dollar buffet...


You have an interesting diet. And by interesting I mean why are you eating fried chicken?




You can thank me later..

Dan "Gets a small kickback from EC" McVicker


Dan, you are definately the man, thankya.



Thanks for the link (and for starting the thread which lead to the posting of the link).

I saw that article before, but didn't read all the way through it and prejudged what was in it.

I'm glad I read through it now. I'm going to set up a very similar budget plan in Excel and start calculating ALL of my expenses.

Should be interesting now that I just payed off my car. YAY!


Go to the largest supermarket near you and see if anything is on the reduced section. I bought, yesterday 2 x 2.27 litre (4 uk pints) organic whole milks still within date for 70p each (normally about 1.60 ukp) and a 1kg cottage cheese for 50p and some yoghurt. The also had some leeks and sweet potatoes going cheap so got them too. Oh and a Large Pizza for 40p. Bargains.

I've bought salmon fillets and whole trouts for less than a quid near closing time on sundays in the past.


Don't be an idiot? Nobody asked you to spend $400/month on food. I could get 3500*31=108,500 calories for under $200. They might not taste great, but plenty healthy.