Food 'Allergies'--When the Scale Lies

I do not have many of the answers as to exactly what is going on here (it is unlikely mediated by a classical allergic reaction), but thought my experience would be of interest to this audience. I learned of this phenomena from a friend (who has the same reaction to wheat).

If I eat certain foods which are not healthy for my particular body e.g. wheat, the scale tomorrow will indicate I’ve gained 2 lbs. If I then avoid that food tomorrow, then the 2 lbs (of what I gather is water weight) will be lost and my weight will return to baseline the day after. I have found this to be reproducible and to occur with more then just wheat (alas there are a number of foods which my system does not ‘like’ and not just based upon this phenomena).

Thoughts anyone (TT, LL or JMB)?

Scott, there are a number of people who have hit on food intolerances, but more for health than weight loss. I have had a similar experience to yours with dairy. For a given amount of calories, I ever so slowly and consistently lose weight. However, if I eat cottage cheese and too many protein shakes, weight loss stops (or goes South). Cut out the dairy and back off on the protein shakes, and weight loss goes back to what I expect. I’ve also helped people break plateaus by cutting out dairy.

I think it’s incredibly important to listen to your body and see how it reacts to the food you’re taking in.

Go ahead and drop LL a PM. He might not see your post otherwise. I’d be interested in his thoughts, too.


Howdy, lOL

Seems that TT and myself find are interest struck by much of the same topics/threads. Here we are once again. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to add, CONGRATS on your findings. That is what it is all about with diet, as well as training. A constant search for what/how things effects you, both positive and negative.

I have also had a finding or two much the same as you did. The latest came during a stint of UD2 that I was doing, with the carb depletions and Huge, short, carb reloads. I found that on the reloads I would gain about 5 lbs+/- a few. But, if I consumed sugar free/fat free pudding (corn starch) in any good amount, I would come out of the carb load around 15 lbs heavier +/- usually +. For some weird reason if I eat cornstarch in any anount more than a pinch or two I hold water like a tub. Weird but, thats me I guess.

Anyhow, congrats on your findings once again. It is normal, as TT stated, for ppl to have such individual reactions, many with dairy.

I would also like to second the interest in hearing LL’s comments on this.