Food Alergies

What is the basis Mercola and Serrano agree upon for eggs? Why does JB support eggs but not peanuts, and weary of dairy? I have heard of milk allergies, and have even tried eliminating it from my diet after reading good evidence, but found it is best for me to eat dairy. However, I rarely hear of anyone being allergic to eggs. I know some people who are allergic to fish, but everyone that opposes allergenic foods supports fish consumption. When do the benefits outweigh the possibility for mild allergies? I think peanuts are a food best avoided.

Like most everything, it’s all up to what your body says.

If you aren’t allergic to any of those things, then use them as you see fit in moderation.

If you are, then do what you want.

I myself eat cottage cheese most every night, eat yogurt fairly often. I also eat plenty of whole eggs. Peanuts I’ll eat, but I prefer almonds/walnuts/pecans…

Those food items just tend to be tied to allergic reactions from many people. Same goes for chlorine, pets, ragweed, pollen, dust mites, big titties, beer… you name it, someone’s allergic to it