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Food Additives

I’m trying to find out what are the most comoon additives in foods and supplements, as well as there effects, however I am not having very good luck. If you know of a t-mag article that would help, please post a link, otherwise any info you guys have should make my job a little easier…Thanks in advance



Thanks for the repy, That i the start of what I’m interested in. You see I am looking for the more common additives, their positive/negative side effects, if its beneficial to elminate them from the diet, and such… Any one else who ahs something please post it. Im in well over my head on this one…

JB?LL?, any one else have any info

Try a search for excitotoxins, such as Mono-Sodium Glutamate (might be mis-spelled) and Aspartame, which is composed of methanol (a poisonous wood alcohol), Aspartate, and Phenylanine. There is quite a bit of info out there on these common additives.

if you have a health food store/deli with books in your area then check it out. there is a book called “excitotoxins” by the way.