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Fong520's Log

decided to start logging my stuff.
20 yrs old male 5’6" around 145 lbs
goals: just to get bigger and stronger

college student at penn state. go out and drink on weekends (i know its bad but hey its college). lift maybe 3-4 times a week. ran track and field since about 4th grade. in high school i did cross country indoor and outdoors. main races were the 800 and pole vault. but now i dont do it anymore. i run 3-4 miles every now and then for recreation.

not following any specific program, just my own thing
getting back from a strained rotator cuff. i stopped lifting since spring last yr and lost about 15 lbs. started and was off an on first couple of weeks during fall semester but stopped b/c of shoulder.

started lifting over winter break pretty consistently. got the iron gym during fall semester adn was doing 50 chins in the morning and 50 pullups at nite (not straight up. in maybe 4-6 sets)until i completely stopped doing anything bc of shoulder.

dont know current max lifts but before i hurt my shoulder
bench - 185 x 3
deadlift - 285 x 3 not sure how form was. and was last dl set after squats and maybe 5 sets of dl
never tried to max squat.
im sure everything went down alot. i havnt benched since my shoulder. ive only been doing stiff leg deads since shoulder. adn im 100% positive my grip is real bad

almost done a 7lb bag of casein protein usually morning, pre/post workout and always with water (lactose intolerant…get gassy ha)
gnc fish oils in morning and b4 bed
gnc ZMA (sometimes take this before i sleep soemtimes i dont)
vit B - only take in morning

2/16 monday: chest/tri - rec hall 9am. had to leave a bit early for class
casein protein shake during workout
warmed up with some pushups and little bit of stretching
incline db:

  • 1x10 45 lbs
  • 2x8 55

flat db press:

  • 1x8 55 lbs
  • 2x7 60
  • 1x6 65

decline db press

  • 3x5 65lbs

incline db flies

  • 3x10 27.5 lbs

super set

  1. tri rope pulldown
  • 2x10 40-35?
    2)overhead rope extension
  • 2x10 40-30lbs
  1. bodyweight dips
  • 2x12
  1. wide grip neutral grip pullups
  • 2x as many as i could prob round 5 or 6

2/17 tues legs. - pulled an all niter and only had about 30 mins sleep from working on paper. decided to go after kines lab casue i was awake from it
warmup - was on bike for a bit during lab
wore running sneaks for whole w/o


  • 1x10 135
  • 1x8 185
  • 3x5 225

stiff leg dls

  • 3x10 135

barbell lunges

  • 3x10 111 (15kgs)
    did bubkas between sets (pole vault movement. looks like an upside down deadlifts on pullup bar)

leg flexion machine

  • 2x10 #6 first half ankle plantarflexed to work some calves. 2nd half with dorsiflexed
  • 1x10 #5 1 legged negatives

post workout meal - around 1. breakfast for lunch
2 ham egg cheese bacon on bagels
2 small breakfast sausages

dinner 5:00
chicken cordon bleu
baked potato
2 dinner rolls
fruit cup of pinapples

post dinner
left over dp dough - half of chicken bacon bbq calzone

  • less than 3000 kcals i think (not sure how many servings or anything)

got foam roller and Metabolic Drive and Surge today :slight_smile:
naps during the day

2/18 weds - recovery
woke up real late for class and missed them. felt kinda tired and shitty all day. dont know if its from lack of sleep yesterday or maybe im getting sick
did some foam roller/tennis ball stuff

lunch 11-12ish
2 roast beef sandwiches

  • couple of slices?, slice of cheese, some gravy, toasted wheat bread
    casein shake
    60 + 280 + 140 + 20 + 207 = 707 kcals i think?
    dinner 5
    sausage alfredo pasta 800
    2 small croissants 228
    corn 100
    yoplait yogurt 170
    1298 kcals?
    post dinner 9:30
    3 hard boiled eggs 230
    yogurt 170
    400 kcals?

drinking casein shake now 207
707+ 1298 + 400 + 207 = about 2600 kcals? still very low

congrats on making a log…good luck with everything!

thanks bud.
well today started off better even though i didnt get a good nite sleep (all rooms on the third floor were drinking and partying last nite and blasting music which i can hear through walls… i live in a frat.) didnt get to sleep till around 3 and woke up at 7 for my 8 am.
last nite at aroudn 3
beef jerkey (chyea!) -------------- about 400 kcals
breakfast =
fruit cup - pineapples and grapes ------ 70?
yogurt------------------------- 170
casein shake -------------------- 207
--------------------------- 447 kcals

2/19 thurs back/shoulders went to my 8 am class and went got to the white building gym at around 9:15
Metabolic Drive shake during workout (half serving 1.5 scoops) 155 kcals

warmup - treadmill for 5 mins at the 6.0 setting?. then some light stretching.


  • 3x8 135
  • 1x5 145 (tried 165 but failed ha)

push press

  • 1x7 135
  • 2x8 115

back and forth between sets

  1. bent over bb rows
    • 3x10 115
  2. wide grip pull ups
    • 2x8 1x6 bodyweight

face pulls with rope

  1. pronated grip 3x10 80, 100, 80
  2. supinated/neutral? grip 3x10 60, 70, 70

1)1 arm cable front raises

  • 2x10 20
  • 1x8 15
    2)1 arm cable lateral raises
  • 2x10 20
  • 1x8 20

wide grip pullups 2x5 bodyweight

scap pushups

  • 2x10

stretched out for a bit. (god i love the girls who do the splits and stuff while stretching… not to sound too creepy or anything, but i saw a perfect 10. not sure if it was the stretches and tight shorts or not ha)

went home
pullups bodyweight

  • 1x12 1x10 3x5
  • neutral grip with legs to chest 2x6

postworkout meal 11:00

  • Surge recovery. raspberry is awesome. i only mix my drinks with water and my god this is good. and great mixability (1.5 scoops)3/4 serving 247.5 kcals
  • egg omelet
    • 4 eggs
    • whole milk --------------- 400 kcals
    • 2 slices of ham ---------- 90
    • 5 slices pepperoni ------- 45
    • 2 slices salami ---------- 140
    • shredded cheese ------- 160
      (couldnt finish. had about 2 or 3 bites left that i couldnt down with the Surge)
      ------------------------ 835 - 100? 735
      447 + 155 + 247.5 + 735 = 1585 kcals + 400 for the prebed jerkey? so around 2000 kcals?

our cook make some tacos today for lunch that im gonna grab some in about 30-45 mins.its prob gonna be real light since i just finished eating and dont know wats for dinner. hopefully ill get between 3500 - 4000 kcals today between lunch , dinner, postdinner, and prebed shakes and have an actual good day of eating to gain some weight. will update later with kcals during day.

also any input on my workout or dieting would be really appreciated. i know im not eating that healthy. but im just trying to eat anything to gain weight really. i have a pretty fast metabolism and im a small guy so i feel like its hard for me to eat.

i also usually eat what my cook makes for my lunch and dinner, but i make my own breakfast if i get up early enough and if the kitchens open and i make my own food post dinner.

so lunch 1:00
only 1 taco

  • sour cream ---- 30
  • guacamole -----40
  • cheese ---------150
  • beef ------------ 300
  • tomatoes -------5
  • sauce ------------10
    ----------------------535 kcals
  • beef tips------------500
  • white rice-----------250
  • potato rolls ------- 90
  • fruit cup cantaloupe - 50
    535 + 890 + 2000 = 3425 kcals

so this past weekend was not so productive… i had an exam friday so i was studyin all thurs nite and rarely got any sleep and thon was this weekend.

fri. i went to gym after lab for a bit. just needed to get blood movin. not ready for gym. went in sweats and boots.

front squats (started last 2 sets from the bottom position bc bar kept rolling down my arms. got torn up heh)
—1x10 135
—4x6 185

—4x8 135

seated ez curls
—3x5 70

zottman curls till failure
— started with 30s went down to 15.

played some volleyball on sat.

dont know what i ate but it prob wasnt alot or anything good. went out every nite this weekend and drank and went to thon!.

well decided to go to the gym today
2/22/09 sunday
after thon i ate about 10 chicken wings. didnt really fill me up but whatever it was something. - also had half gal of iced tea at thon
pre workout:

  • yogurt ----- 170
  • couple slices of roast beef - 30 kcals
    during workout:
  • met drive — 155 kcals

chest today 7:30 - have a bruise on my palm so couldnt do dips (prob from falling while drunk or somehtign this w/e)
warm up - jogged to white building maybe .5 mi?

barbell bench
— 1x10 135
— 1x8 140
— 1x8 145
— 1x6 135 (widegrip)

incline db press
— 1x8 45
— 2x6 45

decline db press
— 3x6 60

incline db flies
— 2x10 27.5


  1. tri rope pulldowns
    — 3x10 60, 70, 50
  2. tri overhead rope extensions
    — 3x10 60, 50, 50
  3. wide grip pullups
    — 1x8, 2x6

post workout
Surge Recovery — 247 kcals
bag of chips

late nite 10:30
italian hoagie

2/23 legs
so i woke up real tired and missed my first class. but made the one after that. also i dont know why but both my wrists hurt. one is bruised from falling i think but right wrist hurts alot
yogurt— 170
banana— 105

preworkout/ during workout
met drive----155

white building
Squats. felt real good. got a spot for 255 but didnt need any help getting out of bottom. i thought i went to parallel but im not positive.
—1x5 135
—1x5 185
—1x5 225
—1x5 255
—1x4 245

stiff leg deads
—4x8 135

high knees/lunges
3x10? - 35s. walked from wall to pillar

leg flexion
—2x12 5 setting. first 6 reps with toes pointed

leg extension
—2x10 140
post w/o / lunch
Surge ras ----247
3 hotdogs-----400
3 hotdog rolls - 340
chicken noodle soup- 100
some fries — 200

107 + 105 + 155 + 247 + 400 + 340 + 100 + 200 = 1650 kcals after lunch

stuffed shells - 700
garlic bread — 300

2650 kcals

late nite
chicken breast — 200
salad with little french dressing – 150
cheese — 100

drank a bit of liquor
ham and cheese hot pocket - 300
ramen noodles ------ 190
apple jacks cereal - 115

200 + 150 + 100 + 300 + 190 + 115 + 2650 = 3705 kcals

2/24 recovery - laid around and slept most of the day. felt real tired. maybe im getting sick?
stromboli + marinara - 800

ham — 200
scalloped potatoes – 250
corn — 140
2 dinner rolls — 220
2 fruit cups — 80

late nite
3 peanut butter adn jellys
bread — 415
peanut butter — 550
strawberry jam —120
honey – 120
3 fish oil tabs

2895 kcals … also had a lot of grape juice today that i didnt add.

2/25 shoulders
woke up around 730
only had yogurt for breakfast - 180
met drive – 155

hang cleans
— 1x8 135
— 1x5 155
— 2x8 135

push press (think i hurt my shoulder doing these today)
— 1x5 135
— 2x8 115

  1. rows
    — 3x8 115
  2. pullups
    — 3x10

face pulls

  1. pronated grip
    — 3x10 80lbs
  2. supinated
    — 3x8 60 lbs

post workout
Surge Recovery — 247
3 chicken sandwiches
bread — 260
chicken breasts – 600
lettuce – 15
tomato — 15
cheese — 180

dinner 4:30
peppersteak – 450
rice — 300
2 dinner rolls - 220

strawberry yogurt – 150

late nite
egg omelet
4 eggs — 400
slice of ham - 45
pepperoni – 45
cheese – 120
casein shake - 207
3589 kcals

so if i didnt hurt my shoulder lifting that bad, i definitely hurt it wrestling some drunk kid in my frat last nite :frowning:

taking the day off and icing. feels like the same rotator cuff pain i had before. hopefully this isnt as bad.

in addition i learned while walking to class i have a really bad ankle sprain and it hurts whenever i walk/flex my ankle. ive been icing all day and its still swollen and hurts. looks like i might be out for the week
2 egg sandwiches
2 eggs

buffalo chicken panini

mashed potatoes

too lazy to look up cals now so will update maybe tomorrow or something

2/28 State Pattys Day
started drinking at around 8 in the morning till whenever it was i ended up passing out. im guessing i had 20+ beers but cant be certain on the number. i blacked out hard and now have a big cut under my eye and side of face.

3/1 sunday
only had about 2k cals in food… this week is gonna be real bad. i have 2 exams that i need to study for hardcore. i doubt ill have a regular eating and i dont think im gonna be goin to the gym much.

went to classes and than wanted to make some breakfast but we barely have any food in the house adn i ended up making 2 pizza rolls. and our cook didnt come in today so i only had 2 slices of pizza at nite. also took an addy to study for an exam i had that nite and a bunch of tea.
around 1200 kcals maybe. also couldnt get to sleep cause of the addy

since i only slept from 2-4 last nite i napped from like 1-5 today.
grilled cheese
tomato soup

mac + cheese

late nite
ham pepperoni cheese egg omelet

about 2500 kcals

ive barely been eating but ive basically been completely inactive besides the walks to the bus stops to class and back from them. i would walk all the way to class but its been under 10 degrees and feels like neg degrees the last couple of days here in state college.
so i have one more exam on thurs in the morning and so i dont know if ill get to go to the gym tomo cause i barely know the info and need to study hardcore
my ankle still hurts a bit, but my shoulder seems to be fine but i havnt really put any real pressure on it much.

im pretty sure ill be at the gym after the exam and hopefully have time before i go home for spring break on fri. if im able to get my brothers gym membership at home (lives about an hr drive away) ill be going but if not ill only be doing prob some bench, squats, light deads, and overhead barbell presses. i have a bench and a small rack at home but not that much room to work out in. im also pretty sure my food consumption will go down while im at home as well. maybe around 2500 kcals at most?.
o well back to studying

3/4 weds
about 3200 kcals today
didnt do much exercising besides walking today so i decided to do some pullups on my iron gym
100 pullups in 23 mins. did first 50 in about 9 mins. i felt tired around number 40-50 and then i took a couple mins break and was good until 85+
10x10 body weight pullups

was gonna try 50 chins but went to my friends to study for my exam a bit.
again back to studying for my 8 am exam :frowning:

3/5 thurs
tried to set my alarm for 4 in the morning so i could study more for my exam, it went off i just kept turning it off until around 6 ha. so i had the exam and went to gym afterwards
felt really shitty.
incline db press
1x10 35
2x8 45
1x8 50

flat db press
2x8 50
1x6 60
1x5 60

decline db press
1x4 60
2x8 50

incline db flys
2x10 27.5

tri pulldowns
3x8 forget how much weight

3/6 fri. again felt really really shitty
1x10 135
1x8 185
2x5 225

stiff legg dls
2x8 135

1 walk back adn forth with 35 plates in each hand

leg flexion
1x8 6
1x8 5

leg extension
1x10 ??

left afterwards.

i dont know why i felt so shitty those 2 days? i had allergies on fri and might have gotten pink eye from rubbing it fri nite but besides allergies idk. i got sleep on thurs nite too?
also didnt log my food. it was prob around 3k on thurs and a little lower on fri
barely anything on sat besides the beer i drank. and should be under 2k on sunday

drank fri nite and sat nite

3/9 at home. worked out at ballys
hang cleans
2x8 135
2x5 155

push press
1x6 135
1x8 115
1x5 115

3x10 115 (went back and forth between grips so 2 pronated one supinated)
2) pullups body weight wide grip

rear delt machine
3x10 80 70 60 (dont know if those were the exact weights but the first numbers on those were rihgt … ie might have been like 82 75 65 or soemthing?)

dont think im getting over 2000 kcals today.
however i weighed myself earlier and i was 152 so im gaining some weight. or i did heh.

not gonna be in the gym for the next couple of days cuase i think im going up the mts. maybe gonna try and do some body weight exercises before i start partying ha.

well i got back from a couple of days drinking and just hanging out wit my friends from home yesterday morning

2/11 chest
played about an hour of football at around 7 so that was basically warm up
went home and got my gym id and went to ballys right after
incline db presss
1x10 40 lbs
2x8 50 lbs

flat db press
1x8 50
2x8 65
1x8 60

decline db press
1x8 60
2x8 65
1x4 75


  1. dips
    3x10 body weight
  2. tri extensions
    3x10 62 62 48
  3. overhead tri extensions
    3x10 48

decided to do some shoulders after reading the article heh

  1. front raise
  2. lat raise
  3. shoulder press
    1x8x8x6 with 15
    1x8x8x8 started with 15s adn dropped to 10s
    1x8x8x6 with 10s

did 2 sets of pullups maybe 10 each
did one set of bubkas maybe 8

3/12 legs
felt alittle tired and sore from football i guess
gym around 2:45-3
warmed up on tread mill for 3 mins. didnt get much stretching in until after my first set of squats

1x8 135
1x6 185
1x5 225
1x3 245
1x5 225

stiff legged dls
3x8 135

walking lunges
2x length of hallway with high knees 35 plates each hand. maybe 12 steps each?

single leg leg press
2x10 25s on each side

leg extension
3x10 did 135 on last set and the weight higher than that on the other 2

for some reason my wrist hurts right now?.
also no pre or post workout shakes this week. forgot to bring them home

still dont think im getting much over 2k kcals this week. lack of food to cook at home and i dont know how much kcals in the chinese food my rents are making me heh. nor do i know half of wat is actually in it. i think im getting most of my kcals through all the lite beer im pissing through my system this week.

although it still says around 150 on the scale i think im not maintaining my weight… maybe its water weight or something.

2/13 shoulders/upper back… felt really good today
warmed up on the treadmill with sweats for 3 mins.

my legs were hurting from yesterday and to my surprise i saw a foam roller. SHWING! it was a lot softer than the black one i have and so i felt like i couldnt get my glutes and hams that well but it was perfect for my quads and hip flexors.

hang cleans
– 2x8 135
– 1x5 155
– 1x3 135 (couldnt wouldnt of been able to do more 155s heh)

push press
– 4x6 135 woohoo got em up


  1. barbell rows
    — 3x8 135
  2. widegrip pulls
    — 3x8-10 bodyweight

superset 2

  1. lat raise
  2. front raise
  3. seated db press
    — 3x10 each. started with 15 until i couldnt do any more and than i went to 12s. (felt like a bitch using yellow rubber dbs ha)

— 2xfailure

powershrugs (was sweating and grip was giving out after the 1st set so i used some paper towels for it haha
– 1x12 65 dumbbells
– 1x12 75
– 2x12 80

i was gonna do the row machine but my dad gave me a ride to the gym and he was leaving the mall so i had to end my workout sooner then expected. i also met some cool fella at the gym that i was talkin to during my push press.

he asked me if i needed a spot but i didnt and then i told him i could spot him on squats if he wanted to try and go lower. he had the pins above parallel and didnt look comfortable going down with that weight. o well.

overall i had a good day in the gym today. prob my last till i go back to school sunday.

3/16 chest

pre/peri workout
met drive half serving

3 mins on treadmill, light stretching, some pushups

incline db press
– 1x10 45
– 1x10 50
– 1x8 55

flat db press
– 1x8 55
– 1x8 65
– 1x6 65

decline db press
– 1x7 65
– 1x6 65
– 2x5 60
– 1x3 60

– 3x12 bodyweight

  1. tri pressdowns
    – 3x10
  2. tri overhead extensions
    – 3x10
  3. pullups
    – 3x8

ate about 2600 kcals not including all the juices i drank. maybe around 3k with?

3/17 st patties day.
didnt get much sleep last nite. music from next door was blasting and i had to put the tv on to not hear the bass. didnt fall asleep till around 2:30-3 although i was very tired at like 12:30. also woke up at 7 for class

i was gonna do legs today but wouldnt of been able to do anything after my lab. we did a sub max test on a bike and i volunteered. little did i know that the bike was messed up (couldnt get rpms and resistance to the correct settings) and the people who were getting my heart rate messed up i think?

after the initial resistance setting my heart rate didnt change and so they put me in the hardest category for the resistance stuff. it got really really hard and my quads were killing adn sweating my balls off. i could barely finish past the 3rd stage out of 4. this felt more like a max test. so gonna do legs tomo
had about 3000+ kcals today.

3/18 legs
got a wonderful nite of sleep. maybe 8 straight hrs. i love when they only drink in the basement ha.
had yogurt and banana for breakfast and met drive as pre/peri drink
– treadmill for 3 mins
– stretched

– 1x8 135
– 1x6 185
– 1x6 225
– 1x4 265 (had spotter help me on last rep a bit)
– 1x6 245

stiff leg dls
– 3x8 155

high knee into lunges
– 3x11-12 each leg. 35s walked back and forth between 2 spots.

leg curls
– 2x10 6 setting

leg extension
– 4x10 9, 10, 11, 10 settings (dont know y i did 4. did them without realizing){

wanted to do hip abductors but forgot.

jogged back and jumped rope for about 5-8 mins… ha as i was getting near my house i heard music blasting and saw kids drinking on my porch already… before 11 am… because its nice out and supposed to be gettign up to 70 degrees today lol

ended up tossing a few beers back. maybe 4 or 5. and then i took a nap

had almost 3500+ kcals not including drinks

3/19 recover/ study day
have an exam tomorrow so i didnt go to the gym. although i def could of instead of watching bball in the morning.

did some foam roller today. my whole lower body was feeling it today. and my shoulder hurts too, im guessing from sleeping on my side last nite.

pullups knees bent in front.

palms facing each other and legs curled up into chest. and kinda like rows?


had maybe alittle over 3000 kcals today.

3/20 back/shoulders
didnt get much sleep cause of exam

hang cleans
– 1x8 135
– 2x8 155 (straps)

push press
– 2x6 135
– 2x6 115

– 2x10 135
– 1x10 115
– 1x10
– 1x12
– 1x10

1)facepulls/neck pulls
–2x12 90
–1x12 80
2)neck pulls
– 2x12 70
– 1x10 60

1)lat raises
– 3x10 15, 15, 12
2)front raises
– 3x10 15, 15, 12
3) db press
– 3x10 15, 15, 12

– 1x12 185
– 2x12 235
– 1x10 235

front squats
– 1x8 135… as i was trying to put it down, it slipped my grip. banged off my kneese and scraped all down my right shin… it effing hurts.
prob less than 3000 kcals today. bah.