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Fond Reflections of Mag 10

Greetings fellow T-Maggers. I am aware that there was a Mag 10 thread somewhere in the depths of this message board a while back, but thought I would start a new one to see what some longer term effects have been.

Unfortunately, due to my hectic schedule with work and school,I have had to take a break from hardcore training, and therefore have not yet used Mag 10. I will be getting back into the training this spring and am giving strong considerations to using Mag 10 to help me get back on top of things.

If any of you who have used it with the prescribed (or any variations) of the cycle would be willing to share your experiences with this sup. (i.e. before and after weights, BF%, body comp, strength gains, etc) I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you've learned anything else regarding its use such as serving sizes, variations in the timing of applications, and the like wouldn't mind posting up. I think it'd be helpful feedback for all of us.

I’ve used Biotest products in the past and have always gotten good results for the most part, so I am pretty excited about tryin this one. I’d just like to get an idea of what I could expect, seeing how it has been on the market a while and some longer term questions could probably be answered (i.e. muscle retention, natural T production coming back online, etc).
Thanks for any advice