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Following The Get Shredded Diet

This is my first post. I am a 21 year old college student (kinesiology major), 5’4", 153 lb.

Training: Following TC’s push-pull workout. Basically, it consists of 2 heavy days(6sets x 4reps), day off, 2 light days(2x12), day off, repeat. It incorporates many compound moves such as squats, deadlifts, bench, and pullups. My lifts are: squats (225 lbx4), bench (220 lbx4), deads (225 lbx4).

I am following the “Get shredded diet” by John Berardi( http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1150209 ).

Not sure if its outdated at all, but basically for my weight it calls for a macro-nutrient breakdown of 1500 kcal spread over 4 meals: 100g FAT, 40g CHO, 113g PRO or 55-60%FAT, 10-15%CHO, 30-35%PRO. I am very religious about adherence.

A general day of eating would be (although I change up meats/veg)

Meal 1: 1.5c green beans, 6 peanuts, 3 egg white, 1 whole egg,
1.5oz red.fat cheese, 3g fishoil, 2g flaxseed oil
Meal 2: 3.5oz steak(lean-cut), 1.5c green beans, 1tbsp oliveoil,
3 peanuts, 3g fish oil, 2g flax
Meal 3: 1 patty ground beef, .25oz pecans,
Meal 4: 3.4oz chicken, 5g fish oil, 3g flax, .6oz pecans,
1.5c green beans

Supplements: creatine, whey protein (post workout-factor
into 1500kcals), fish oil, flax seed oil

Cardio: I tend to do hit the track 4x/week. For the most part I warmup with a .5 to 1 mile jog, then I perform 8-12 intervals consisting of 100 meter sprints split by 100 meter jogs. I finish with another .5 to 1 mile jog. Lately, I’ve been adding a few 2 miles jogs during the week.

Basically, my goals are to get really lean while maintaining the muscle mass I have. I’ve been flirting with the idea of eating a lot/lifting and running a lot, but I’ve never got my body fat really low so I’m still dedicated to that.

Any advice?

I dont see the BCAA/Creatine combos he has listed in the original plan. That could be detrimental to your success on a low-cal plan like this.

Other than that, stick to it. There is no luck, you either have it in you or you dont. Lets see what you got at the end of the process.

Hey, thanks for your response. I appreciate any help I can get. Currently I am taking creatine, but not any of the BCAA’s or HOT-ROX. My budget is somewhat tight and I figured hard work and strict adherence would make up for it. I guess I should probably look into getting them if it is completely necessary.

I would go get the BCAAs without a doubt. Also if you try to do interval training 4 times a week on such a low carb and low cal diet you will interval yourself right into the ground ha. Also drink water all damn day, 2+ gallons.

Scottiscool, and is also right. The BCAA are crucial in protecting your muscle (from what I know on the subject). They help to stimulate protein synthesis throughout the day and on a very low cal diet (that is also “low” in protein comparatively) that is very important.

Unfortunately, if you buy the BCAA at a retail store you will get ripped off pretty badly. I didnt realize how good a deal the were on this site until I bought a bottle half the size for the same price. See if you can find a deal or use a discount card or something.